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Contact Information

7th Sea RPG/CCG: Mark Woodward (Sir Marcus Sainte-Claire)

Customer Service & Sales
Customer Service: customerservice@alderac.com
Product Information: productinformation@alderac.com 
Product Replacement: productreplacement@alderac.com
Product Point Redemption: FanClubs@alderac.com
Fan Club Support: FanClubs@alderac.com
Sales: sales@alderac.com
Retail Support: retailsupport@alderac.com
Bounty Hunter Headquarters: bountyhunterhq@alderac.com

All unsolicited submissions (whether by email, on paper, by fax, posting on a list server or any other means) of storylines, characters, cards, names, drawings, design mechanics and other material (hereafter referred to as "The Work") shall become the property of Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. a California Corporation (hereafter referred to as "Alderac"), upon said submission of The Work to Alderac. By making the unsolicited submission, the submitter thereby assigns all of the submitters rights, title and interest, including copyright and trademark, in and to the intellectual property in The Work to Alderac. Alderac shall thereafter have the right to use The Work in any manner Alderac chooses, which includes the right to publish the Work, reproduce the Work, alter The Work and license The Work to others. This agreement may not be modified, except by a writing signed by Alderac and the submitter concerning The Work. Alderac shall not have any duty to publish the name of the submitter as the author of The Work.

This provision applies whether the submission is on paper, through email, fax or list serve.


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