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Avalon Plot Hooks
  • The O'Bannon arrives on the doorstep of the house where the heroes live or are staying. In his hand is an engraved invitation to a party there signed by one of the heroes. The ard ri says he is early and will return in an hour when the party is due to begin. The heroes have that time to figure out who set them up and what to serve when Mad Jack returns.
  • A friend of the heroes turns up wounded in the middle of the night during a rainstorm. He claims to be pursued by Bors MacAllister for a crime he did not commit. He asks the heroes to hide him from the Black Knight and seek out a man named Falkirk who is the actual culprit.
  • Wandering Cowan Cooper of the Rose+Cross has convinced a handful of local Knights to join him on a ship to bring order to far away lands. With the knights gone, several local groups of thugs have returned to menacing the local citizens who would dearly love to find a brave set of heroes to return order to their town.
  • A woman with mysterious eyes approaches the heroes in a shop. She asks their opinion of an everyday item (such as a spoon) and what its usefulness could be to her. If they respond in a polite and pleasant manner, she begins appearing at other places with increasing regularity to ask about other commonplace items. Over the course of the next three weeks her appearances occur in stranger and stranger circumstances. Eventually she asks the heroes’ assistance as "those who are wise in the ways of the world" to help her find a doorway to Bryn Bresail. This could entail either a trip to the land of the Sidhe or a need to serve as hosts to a group visiting Théah for the first time.
  • A playwright seeks out a hero to star in his upcoming production because of their "dramatic appeal." He finds roles for the other heroes in several of the acts as well. The playwright owes money to several gambling houses who are looking to collect. The writer apparently afraid of outright refusal, invents situations under the pretence of rehearsal where the heroes can protect him.
  • While strolling down a busy street, the heroes encounter an excessively tall Inishman accosting a very small Vendel man. The Vendel tries to ward off the Inish with a lantern but the large and loud Inish simply laughs at him and crushes the lantern beneath his boot. Obviously, the heroes will want to interrupt this little incident. Unfortunately, they will be completely unaware that one of the individuals is involved directly in the latest plot to assassinate the MacDuff (at least until they find a letter saying as much that was dropped in the scuffle.) The heroes will need to find out which man was carrying the letter.
  • A less than reputable contact or dependant of the heroes comes to them needing a favour. He shows them an ancient oaken box with a mysterious and strange-looking lock. His friends dared him to steal the item but failed to mention who its actual owner is. He was just hoping the heroes could help him return it to Derwyddon before the powerful druid notices that it's gone.
  • Rumours of Jeremiah Berek's survival have begun creeping into Avalon. Bonnie McGee is nowhere to be found and Queen Elaine can't trust the other Sea Dogs to look into matters without causing a potential political problem with Castille. She asks the heroes to sail south and see if her Knight is still alive and why he hasn't checked in lately.
  • The Graal has been stolen by agents opposed to the Sidhe influence in Avalon. At least they have stolen the copy that Elaine keeps by the throne. Fake or not, Her Majesty would like them caught quietly lest the Sidhe hear about any sort of rumpus.
  • In the past week, the Highwayman appears to have begun murdering those he robs. The local authorities are quite busy searching for the man and a member of the local gentry named Phineas Flynn has posted a sizeable reward for information leading to his capture.
  • A creature has been sighted around a loch in the western region of the Highland Marches. A large reward has been posted for the beast causing a huge number of would-be monster hunters to relocate. The rabble of monster killers has created a chaotic level of danger for those nearby as they experiment with explosive traps and begin fighting amongst themselves. Perhaps the heroes can influence them where the local Clan leaders have failed.
  • In a city several days ride from Carleon, the party is approached by a beautiful woman who asks for their aid. She works for Bors MacAllister and was supposed to meet him several days ago, but he never arrived. She begs the party to help her find him. However, when the group finally reaches the elusive MacAllister, they discover that he was infiltrating a group who plans to steal the Grail. Even worse, the woman they've aided is not really his agent, but rather an assassin hired to eliminate Elaine's Black Knight.
  • A week ago a young woman was found unconscious on the shore near a small village. She had no recollection of her name or where she is from; however, she seems to recognise one of the heroes and asks for help. As time goes by, she starts to demonstrate strange powers that cause problems with the locals. It turns out that she is a Selkie who has fled Bryn Bresail to escape a marriage arranged by Queen Maab. If she regains her memories, she refuses to return to her former life and it is can only be hoped that the Queen of the Sea does not find out where she is or who is helping the wayward Sidhe.
  • The party is walking down the street and sees a beautiful woman being escorted by several bodyguards. Without warning, a Montaigne man swings down from the rooftop and snatches her from their grasp. The woman, a jenny, is the fourth kidnapping victim in the past two weeks. All of the girls previously worked for a Madame Frahm. Apparently the Montaigne’s sister did as well, until she was found dead in an alley and now he is determined to rescue others from the same fate.
  • An attempted assassination on Queen Elaine fails thanks to Sir Bors, who provides her with proof of King Breg's guilt. She has Breg imprisoned and holds a trial, where he conclusively proves not only his innocence but also that Bors falsified evidence to indict him. Unless the players can prove that the entire situation was a set-up, Elaine will be forced to imprison her Black Knight and her popularity will plummet.
  • A member of the Explorer’s Society in Carleon contacts the heroes. A large quantity of Syrneth grey powder has been stolen from a recent shipment and is believed to be in the hands of Highland Separatists. The Society is concerned that the highly explosive material will be used during the upcoming meeting of the Parliament in Kirkwall.


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