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Banter is a vital element of any good swashbuckling game. Below are some examples sent to us from our players. If you would like to contribute to our ever-growing list, please join the 7th Sea mailing list.

From: Volttti <voltti@neilnet.com>

(As leaping from a gallows)
"Please convey my apologies to the executioner. I fear I won't be able to keep our appointment today."

"30 to 1 odds hardly seems fair. I'll wait here while you get help."

"You sir are an incompetent monosyllabic boor. But enough about your good qualities"


From: John Fiala <jcfiala@CSSLTD.com>

"Do you know how to use that ugly pigsticker of a sword you have stuck in your belt, or are you trying to draw people's attention away from how your haircut makes your ears look like sails on a Castillian galleon?"

(During a duel, to an audience)
"And, now that my opponent has artfully demonstrated a first year student's experience with the sword, let me show you what ten years can do."

(Upwards to a balcony)
"The stars above frame the elegance and beauty of your features as a gilt frame showcases the masterpiece within."


From: "Doug Pirko" <voivode@WarpLink.com>

"It's amazing what some people can do with last year's fashions."

"Have I offended you? Oh dear, I really should apologize...."


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