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Fhideli Lexicon

The following are terms used exclusively by the nomadic Fhideli people who move through Ussura, Eisen and northern Vodacce.

Angirasa - An ancient race, possibly Syrneth, mentioned in some Fhideli legends.

atsincani - Seer or one who can see the future. Sometimes used in reference to Sorte Strega.

baro fhi - An alternate term for vadin.

Basulde - The largest caravan on Thea, wandering in Ussura, occasionally in Eisen. They are famous for their musicians.

benga - An evil spirit or demon.

bulibasha - An alternate term for vadin

captain - An alternate term for vadin, used only among gadjo.

count - An alternate term for vadin, used only among gadjo (often to purposely confuse them).

Curara - A caravan that once wandered in Eisen, but fled to Ussura during the War of the Cross. Their blacksmiths are well-known for their skill.

devi - A gadjo noble.

Fhideli - The name the Tibesti call themselves.

gadjo - Outsiders; anyone who is not Fhideli.

grand kris - Bi-annual gathering of all caravans within a nation.

Haimati - The Fhideli name for Matushka.

jivanti - Vayu practitioner, plural or feminine form.

jiven - Vayu practitioner, singular or masculine form.

kris - A judgment called for when a dispute arises between Fhideli. Used rarely to prosecute serious crimes.

memlo - Defiled or impure.

mulangaro - A recently deceased person, the subject of a pacheeve.

mulo - A ghost.

mulorasa - A haunting.

Munit - A caravan wandering Ussura and other nations. They are most famous for being mysterious.

Naditi - Free. Name given to several newcomers to the Vitzi Basulde.

Narpana - A minor caravan specializing in repair work. They travel in Ussura, and occasionally to Montaigne.

pacheeve - Death feast. A funeral celebration.

Prastlo - Dishonor, usually in defiance of Vayu.

Raemya - A minor caravan specializing in lace making. They travel in southern Ussura, and occasionally to Vodacce.

Sabhaya - A minor caravan specializing in instrument making. They travel in Ussura, and occasionally to Avalon.

sanat - Ancient one. The wise woman who guides the caravan.

Shakti - A minor caravan specializing in wood carving. They travel in western Ussura.

shero fhi - An alternate term for vadin.

Shradda - A minor caravan specializing in horse-trading. They travel in Ussura, and occasionally to Castille.

Talajit - A minor caravan specializing in fur trading. They travel in northern Ussura, and occasionally to Vendel.

Tanda - King of the Angirasa. Once worshipped as a god.

Tibesti - Name given to the Fhideli by gadjo.

Ursari - A caravan wandering in Ussura. Famous for their animal trainers.

vadin - The leader, or speaker, of a caravan.

Vairocana - Rebellious demon-king of legend.

Vayu - Tradition, or "The Way." The Fhideli belief system.

vitzi - A caravan or clan.

vojvoda - An alternate term for vadin.


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