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Nationality Reference for 7th Sea
While official 7th Sea publications will maintain consistent usage of the forms below, creative alternatives and variable pronunciation will definitely add an extra touch of historical authenticity (and possibly even danger) to your adventuring.
  • Avalon: Avalon/Avalons
  • Cabora: Caboran/Caborans
  • Cathay: Cathayan/Cathayans. There are seven kingdoms in Cathay:
    • Han Hua: Han Hua for singular and plural
    • Khimal: Khimali for singular and plural
    • Koryo: Koryan/Koryans
    • Lanna: Lanna for singular and plural or Lannese for plural
    • Tashil: Tashili for singular and plural
    • Tiakhar: Tiakhari for singular and plural
    • Xian Bei: (pronounced “zhan bay”) Xian Bei for singular and plural
  • Castille: Castillian/Castillians
  • Crescent Empire: Crescent/Crescents
    • There are six tribes in the Crescent Empire: Aldiz’ahali, Atlar-vahir, Jadur-rihad, Kurta-kir, Ruzgar’hala, and Yilan-bazlik. All of these are referred to as “the [name of tribe]” rather than pluralizing with an “s” at the end.
  • Eisen: Use for both singular and plural.
  • Midnight Archipelago:
    • The Island of Carlos: Carl/Carls
    • Kanuba: Kanuban/Kanubans
    • Marcina: Marcinan/Marcinans
    • My’ar’pa: My’ar’pan/My’ar’pans or “the My’ar’pa”
    • Sange Tara: Sange Taran/Sange Tarans
    • Island of the Red God, I’Ile du Bęte and The Straits of Blood:
      refer to as people, inhabitants, denizens, creatures, etc. of [name of island]
  • Montaigne: Montaigne for both singular and plural. (Castillians tend to call them something else, which is not fit for reprinting in public.)
  • Vendel: Vendel/Vendels (Vendel can also be used for plural as well.)
  • Vestenmannavnjar: (They prefer to be called by their full name, of course.)
  • Vodacce: Vodacce for both singular and plural.
  • Ussura: Ussuran/Ussurans


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