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Rose & Cross Plot Hooks
The following story ideas are designed to be used with parties of Rose and Cross members, although most can easily be altered to suit the nature of the party. Some of the threads detailed here will be continued in future months with further plots and also story material.
  • The players rescue a Montaigne émigrés in central Eisen from a group of bandits. Knowing that a true knight would never directly accept a reward for doing such work, the noble donates a large sum of money for the express purpose of establishing a Chapterhouse in the city of Tannen. The players are assigned to investigate the location and acquire a suitable building if possible, negotiating with the local officials where necessary. Obviously, the hidden Kreuzritter members are not keen on having the Rose and Cross as neighbours and so work to discourage the entire venture.
  • Jacques Allais du Crieux is a patron in good standing who narrowly escaped the Revolution to the safety of Kirk. After recovering from the ordeal, he has decided to hire a substantial mercenary force and return to show the rabble “their place in society.” The players are assigned to talk the patron into not killing the local populace and hopefully return to exile in Kirk before someone literally hands Jacques his head.
  • An imprisoned man contacts the order pleading his case. The Committee for National Welfare has sentenced him to twenty years hard labour for helping smuggle a noble out of the country. The Order knows that he is innocent because a group of knights helped that particular noble so they debate how to help the falsely accused man without raising the ire – or suspicion - of the new Montaigne government.
  • Nine fires have recently occurred in a ring around the outskirts of the wealthy section of town. A smart person might note that they have formed a firebreak of sorts between that district and the rest of the town. Rumours begin to circulate that a Rilasciare cell is operating nearby and has been stockpiling gunpowder somewhere in the area. What could those wacky anarchists be up to now?
  • A series of burglaries have occurred in the area surrounding the Chapterhouse. Each time, the criminal has left behind a single yellow rose at the scene of the crime. Twice he has been spotted and has dropped a black rose on his escape route. Is it a Poor Knight who is not living up to his oath to the Order or someone trying to implicate the group? The players are assigned to investigate the crimes quietly before the local authorities blame the Chapterhouse.
  • A woman is found in the middle of nowhere, horribly ravished and fatally wounded. Just before she dies she presses a gold locket into a player’s hand and says, “Save my daughter.” Her accent is distinct but cannot be placed at the moment. However, what Knight could refuse to honour the last request of a dying woman?
  • One of the Castillian members of the order has been captured by the Inquisition for interfering in their plans. The odds are good that Rodrigo de Salamanca is in over his head and as always does not realize it yet. The players are dispatched, in disguise, to rescue their brother knight before he reaches San Cristóbal and a possible execution.
  • The son of a prominent patron has fallen ill with a rare malady. His only chance for a cure lies in the unorthodox medical knowledge of Marcos de San Felipé. However, the boy is Montaigne and so must be taken with the utmost secrecy to San Cristóbal so as not to raise suspicions. To complicate matters further, Don Marcos has not been seen by the local knights for over a week.
  • Young Cowan Cooper has recently been promoted to Wandering Knight and feels the hereditary pull of the sea. He is therefore looking for some equally nautically minded knights for a journey east to the fabled shores of the Crescent Empire and perhaps even to far Cathay.
  • The rise of Cabora has rekindled interest in the Crescent Empire and the Order still retains a great deal of information on the region from the period of the Crusades. A small group of knights is sent secretly past the Church’s embargo to investigate the region and see if they can establish some contacts for the Order, perhaps with some of the groups with whom the Poor Knights has alliances with centuries before.


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