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Featured Characters
Feature Character : Don Francisco Garcia del Torres


The Master Knight of the San Cristóbal house is at the sharp edge of the Order’s careful dance with the Inquisition. The Chapterhouse holds a great collection of books including some that the Church would currently consider heretical, such as the Book of M that details advanced medical techniques from the Crescent Empire. The Inquisition has tried a number of times to gain entry to the House and each time they have been turned away; however, the latest attempt involved sending mercenaries to steal evidence of heresy and almost succeeded.

Fortunately, the evidence was recovered before it could reach the Inquisition, thanks to the timely help of one Marcos Rivera del Rios, known to many as The Grim Sword. The two men have now joined together to right an injustice against Don Marcos’ father, purportedly the real creator of what is known as the Aldana swordsman school.

Character Statistics

Don Francisco Garcia del Torres: Hero ( 7th Sea™ )
Master of San Cristóbal House

Brawn: 3, Finesse: 4, Wits: 2, Resolve: 3, Panache: 4
Reputation: 68
Arcana: Inspirational
Background: Obligation,
Advantages: Castille R/W, Montaigne R/W, Crescent, Vodacce, Combat Reflexes, The Secret, The Vow.
Membership ( Rose+Cross ), Membership ( Swordman’s Guild )
Doctor: Diagnosis 1, First Aid 2, Surgery 1
Courtier: Dancing 2, Etiquette 4, Fashion 3, Oratory 4, Diplomacy 3, Politics 4
Scholar: History 2, Mathematics 2, Philosophy 3, Law 2, Theology 3
Spy: Disguise 1, Shadowing 2, Stealth 2, Sincerity 3, Read Lips 1,
Athlete: Climbing 3, Footwork 4, Sprinting 3, Throwing 2, Leaping 3, Side-Step 2
Desaix ( Master ): Double Parry 5, Feint 5, Lunge 5, Exploit Weakness ( Desaix ) 5
Knife: Attack 5, Parry 4
Fencing: Attack 5, Parry 5

For the d10™ system version, download the Rose+Cross Society Supplement.


Plot Hooks

  • The Aldana family has not taken the threat posed by the Grim Sword lightly so one of the family’s senior members has hired a group to ‘persuade’ Don Marcos to end his vendetta. While the family cannot be seen acting publicly against such a popular group as the Rose+Cross, the separation of Don Francisco and Don Marcos would certainly level the playing field. The players can try to intercept any actions against the group or might even been contacted to carry out the harassment themselves.
  • The Inquisition came so close to gaining the crucial evidence they believe will damage the Order’s influence and they will not stop now. Like the Aldana family, they cannot be seen as acting directly, so a Knight Inquisitor has been given permission to hire more mercenaries to secure any evidence that can be used against the Order. Don Francisco is thought to be carrying the evidence from the Chapterhouse on him, so he becomes an obvious target. If the mercenaries manage to get the book, the chase would then be on to stop them before they get it to the Knight Inquisitor or perhaps even to Verdugo himself.
  • Don Francisco is very concerned just how close the Order came to losing the Book of M to the Inquisition’s devious agents. After consulting with the other Castillian Masters, they have decided that the ancient tome cannot stay in the country and must be sent somewhere safer, possibly to the House of Nine Keys in Paix or the Library at Kirkwall. A small group of Knights or mercenaries is hired for this task, but are they actually transporting the Book or just acting as a decoy to attract the Inquisition while another Knight gets the real text to safety?


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