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Mai-Star Design Diary: Beauty and Guile

By John Goodenough, September 10, 2013 Comments Off AEG News, L5R, Mai-Star

Game designer Seiji Kanai offers a look into the development Mai-Star. Click here to check out the featured article.

Ivory Edition Design Diaries: Draft

By Bryan Reese, September 1, 2013 Comments Off L5R

Hello Samurai of Rokugan, The next installment in the Ivory Edition Design Diaries, Draft, has been posted. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days, weeks, and months about Ivory Edition. You can also follow Bryan on Twitter @AEGBryan… Read More »

Gates of Chaos Focus: Draft Environment

By Nicolas Bongiu, August 7, 2013 Comments Off L5R

by Chris Medico Hello everyone. My name is Chris Medico and I am the Team Lead for the main Draft Playtest Team. Bryan brought my group on board starting with Gates of Chaos to view the sets from a limited… Read More »

Gates of Chaos Focus: Story

By Nicolas Bongiu, July 31, 2013 Comments Off L5R

By Shawn Carman The night air was crisp in the Western Wastes. It was ironic, given the sweltering heat that was still present even in the middle of the night only a short distance to the south. Doubtless the hopelessly… Read More »

Gates of Chaos Focus: Design

By Bryan Reese, July 24, 2013 Comments Off L5R

With Gates of Chaos, we are introducing two new mechanics; Destined and Invest. By doing so, our goal is to continue to expand our range and design space with cards, as well as create some new interesting mechanics for the… Read More »

Q-Workshop and AEG announce L5R Dice

By Nicolas Bongiu, July 19, 2013 Comments Off L5R

Q-workshop in cooperation with Alderac Entertainment Group proudly announces new official dice sets for Legend of 5 Rings Role Playing Game. The unique and beautiful dice are designed especially for all the Great Clans in the game. In total, they… Read More »

Gates of Chaos Focus: Art

By Nicolas Bongiu, July 17, 2013 Comments Off L5R

By Adrian Burton Welcome to Gates of Chaos. Gates is a set that differs a bit from prior ones I’ve directed in that a large number of the cards are 2012 Kotei results. This provided a lot of ground work… Read More »

Coils of Madness Focus: Interaction

By Nicolas Bongiu, May 8, 2013 Comments Off L5R

By Daniel Briscoe Hey L5R Fans! Our newest release, Coils of Madness, is a really special set for a number of reasons. It sees the return of many of L5R’s most iconic characters, either in card form or art, it… Read More »

Coils of Madness Focus: Art

By Nicolas Bongiu, May 1, 2013 Comments Off L5R

by Adrian Burton Coils of Madness got us really excited for a variety of reasons. First off getting to draw insane samurai is just way too much fun. Secondly and more personally we got to visit some old friends like… Read More »

Career Opportunities for L5R

By Nicolas Bongiu, April 30, 2013 Comments Off L5R

The Legend of the Five Rings Team is expanding and you can be part of it! AEG is opening 2 part-time positions, one for an Imperial Herald Editor and the other for an L5R Community Organizer. If you believe you… Read More »