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Tsujiken Sensei

By Bryan Reese, March 17, 2015 Comments Off Uncategorized

Hello Kotei attendees! I hope everyone is getting ready for their local Kotei and for the release of Twenty Festivals. While Twenty Festivals is not yet released, we do need to make one adjustment to the tournament format in the… Read More »

By John Akey, February 20, 2015 Comments Off L5R, Uncategorized

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan, The secrets have been revealed! To celebrate the Divine Empress Iweko reaching a decision between her two sons, the Imperial Archives have released the secrets of the Twenty Festivals a week early. These secrets come directly… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, January 14, 2015 Comments Off Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce Epic PvP!  This new game comes from Fun to 11 and AEG and will launch on Kickstarter March 21st!  Visit the new product page to learn all about it!

By Todd Rowland, December 31, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Uncategorized

We at AEG would like to take a moment to thank the many people who made 2014 an amazing year. We can’t possibly name everyone, but we appreciate each and every person who has helped us along this last year…. Read More »

Planes Designer Diary: or How A Round Trip Starts With A Spark

By John Goodenough, October 17, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Planes, Uncategorized

Designer David Short has kindly provided us with a look into the development Planes. Click here to check out the featured article.  

Valley of the Kings Card Supplement

By John Goodenough, October 10, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Uncategorized, Valley of the Kings

The actions on the Valley of the Kings cards are intended to be self-explanatory. When questions arise, you may consult the official card supplement for clarifications. Click here to download the PDF.

Trains GenCon 2014 Map is available to download!

By John Goodenough, September 26, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Trains, Uncategorized

The Trains GenCon 2014 Map (1.6MB PDF) is available to download by clicking here. This map was given out at GenCon 2014 to those who attended the Big Game Night. Now you can print and play the map!

Empire Engine Lore

By John Goodenough, September 26, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Empire Engine, Uncategorized

Empire Engine is making its debut at Essen but you can read up on the game’s fascinating lore and background stories of the four rival empires in advance. Click here to check out the Empire Engine Lore!  

Valley of the Kings – GenCon Tournament

By John Goodenough, August 7, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Uncategorized, Valley of the Kings

AEG will be hosting Valley of the Kings tournaments at GenCon 2014! The designer Tom Cleaver will be running the event where the players will receive a sealed copy of Valley of the Kings and be available to autograph your… Read More »

Say Bye to the Villains background stories

By John Goodenough, June 28, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

In Say Bye to the Villains, the heroic vanquishers stand up to protect good people from evil villains beyond the reach of the law. Vanquishers work in the shadows, cutting down evil wherever it can be found, but they must be quick to… Read More »