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By Todd Rowland, July 25, 2014 Comments Off Previews, Story

By Paul Durant The first thing that went through my mind was, “This poor bird clearly should have practiced with balls before he moved up to juggling knives.” Not really knowing what the heck to do in this kinda situation… Read More »

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By Tim J. Meyer Fred Aims had a mouth that got him in trouble on occasion. Today was one of those occasions. “Duel at high noon? Make it six a.m. I do my killing before breakfast,” the six-foot eight inch… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, July 18, 2014 Comments Off Previews, Story

by Tim J. Meyer Steele Archer caressed the leather of the book. The “H” on the cover glowed slightly as his fingers passed over it, illuminating the dark corner of the Charlie’s Place. “Doyle” was a well-known poker player, who… Read More »

3 Days Left to Preorder for GenCon!

By Todd Rowland, July 17, 2014 Comments Off Developer News

Get to the AEG Online Store today to reserve your copy of Doomtown: Reloaded at GenCon!  Preorders end on the 20th!

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By David Orange It’s a long way to Gomorra from Shan Fan. Wasn’t always that way, and still only about eighty miles as the raven flies. ‘Course, the raven gets to look down and across nearly forty miles of dark,… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, July 7, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

The “Gettin’ to Know Gomorra” walkthrough booklet from the game is now available as a PDF.  Not only that, but we’ve included two print-and-play decks of the Law Dogs and Sloane Gang so you can try out the walkthrough today!… Read More »

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Pre-ordering for Doomtown: Reloaded for GenCon has opened on our AEG Online Store. There is some important information regarding ordering to follow. Please read before placing your order! – This is for pre-ordering the Doomtown: Reloaded Base Set. The Premium… Read More »

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Here’s your first look at how the Badge Series will let you stand out from the town with the first level of events, the Deputy Badge Events. More info on higher levels to come soon!

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By Konstantine Thoukydides Many players might have noticed a distinct lack of strikes in the new town of Gomorra. Sure there’s the modest Pat’s Perch and the solid production of Jackson’s Strike, but overall, it seems like there’s nary a ghost… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, June 11, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

The Events Page has been updated with information on our basic in-store OP Kits.  More information on the awesome Badge Series events coming next week!