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By Brett Satkowiak, February 25, 2015 Comments Off Strategy

By Konstantinos Thoukydidis One of the features of Doomtown: Reloaded is the significant strength of action cards to change the outcome of a shootout. With the release of three new Saddlebags and the upcoming Pine Box, Faith and Fear, bringing more… Read More »

By Brett Satkowiak, February 18, 2015 Comments Off Story

This story takes place during the events of Doomtown: Reloaded’s latest expansion, Election Day Slaughter, on sale now! Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind By Jon Del Arroz Roderick Byre stepped to the podium. He scanned the crowd, eyes connecting with dozens… Read More »

By Brett Satkowiak, February 16, 2015 Comments Off Announcement

Tragedy strikes the mayoral race. Can Sloane and her gang escape Gomorra with the Sheriff ’s deputies and Morgan’s security on their heels? And what purpose does the Fourth Ring have with a stolen artifact? Doomtown: Reloaded is a fast‐paced expandable… Read More »

By Brett Satkowiak, February 11, 2015 Comments Off Previews, Story

This preview is for the upcoming Saddlebag Expansion, Election Day Slaughter, available in stores on February 16, 2015! Ask your local game store about it today! Lane Spots the Marks By Jeff Bailey Ulysses Marks’ day was getting worse. All that stood between… Read More »

Next OP Kit – March 23

By Todd Rowland, February 5, 2015 Comments Off Announcement

The next OP Kit featuring new promo cards, playmat, and deck tins will be available in stores March 23! It features new art cards for “The Stakes Just Rose” and “Circle M Ranch.”

By Todd Rowland, February 4, 2015 Comments Off Previews, Story

The Summoning by Jon Del Arroz The stench of burnt flesh rose from a body beside a half-dug grave, the headstone labeled Tom Place. Kevin Wainwright, standing less than half the size of his master, held a stone idol carved… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, January 28, 2015 Comments Off Previews, Story

by Jon Del Arroz Sundown Philip Swinford dug into the hard dirt of the plains outside Gomora. Behind him stood Sheriff Dave Montreal, arms crossed. “Okay, Philip. Tell me what happened,” the sheriff said. “It all started earlier today…” *… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, January 21, 2015 Comments Off Previews, Story

by Jim Despaw “This looks to be the place,” said Dr. Richard Slavin, setting his pack down on the dusty planks. At his feet was a wooden sign, split down the middle and almost broken in half. The faded painting… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, January 15, 2015 Comments Off Previews, Story

The Long, Mechanical Arm of the Law by David Orange “Okie dokie, Quaterman, time to turn on the juice and cut you loose,” Drew Beauman said as he adjusted a gear and ignited the ghost rock reservoir. With a firm… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, December 24, 2014 Comments Off Story

by Paul Durant It took almost fifteen minutes once I got off the train to Sacramento for someone to take me for a greenhorn and try to rip me off. Which is… Actually, come to think of it, that’s pretty… Read More »