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Give and take. That’s how you get it done. The Weaver puts some things into your guildhall, and pulls other things out. Back and forth, like the shuttle of a loom. She’s great for getting cards into your hall quickly,… Read More »

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You’re getting a great deal. Trust me. It’s a fair trade, right? I get something I need, and you get something… you can probably use eventually. That’s a Trader for you. A swell guy. Strategies The Trader lets you pinpoint… Read More »

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Bring the past to life again! Everybody with a History degree always talks about how great it is, and how you can learn things, and blah blah. That’s probably all true. But whatever. In Guildhall, the Historian delivers. Strategies The… Read More »

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This little piggy stayed home. The farmer doesn’t have a real exciting life. He tends his crops. He hangs with the pigs. And with patience, he slowly makes you win. The farmer pays out less often than the other professions,… Read More »

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Easy and fun, that’s the Dancer. The Dancer is a handy card that everyone loves to play. Light on her feet, and fun to watch. Strategies You should pretty much always play a Dancer unless you have a good reason… Read More »

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Denial — a river in Egypt AND a fun play strategy! The Assassin has a dirty job…. make people disappear.  He sends cards from other another player’s guildhall to the discard pile. The more Assassins you have in your guildhall,… Read More »