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Dice Tower Reviews Guildhall: Job Faire

By John Goodenough, October 19, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

Tom, Sam, and Zee from the Dice Tower examine the new standalone expansion Guildhall: Job Faire. Click on the link below to check out the full video review:

50 words: Why is Guildhall awesome?

By jquick, January 14, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

We have an entrant into the contest! Lance Coffee shot out this in a limit-kissing 49 words: Guildhall is awesome because one recruits the best possible team of varied professionals, each providing special abilities.  The more you recruit of one… Read More »

What makes Guildhall so awesome?

By jquick, January 11, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

In addition to some Thunderstone talk, episode 51 of Giant Fire Breathing Robot’s House Rules podcast featured a little discussion on Guildhall. You should totally listen. But for a recap, Jeff threw out a little contest: Can you tell what makes Guildhall… Read More »

Guildhall Top Ten 2012!

By jquick, January 7, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

The fine people over at listed Guildhall as one of the top ten games they were introduced to in 2012! Check that out. PBG  was also the first site to post a review of Guildhall. Go check that out… Read More »

Guildhall Art: More Mike Perry

By jquick, November 22, 2012 Comments Off Uncategorized

Last week we introduced you to Guildhall artist Mike Perry (seen here in zombie form). Here’s a little more about Mike’s process and style. Mike, do you have specific processes to your work? What’s something you figured out that’s kind… Read More »

Guildhall Art: Meet Mike Perry!

By jquick, November 15, 2012 Comments Off Uncategorized

The artist for Guildhall is Mike Perry. Mike does art in a historical style very well, so we thought he’d be good on Guildhall. We were right! We asked him a few questions and wanted to show some of his… Read More »

Guildhall Is Here!

By jquick, October 18, 2012 Comments Off Uncategorized

Guildhall is the “secret game” surprise hit of Essen this year! With rich colors and expressive art, the professions of Guildhall have interlocking mechanics that test your ability to think ahead and put your kingdom in the lead. The goal… Read More »