AEG at GenCon on Periscope

This year at GenCon AEG will be bringing you to the convention via Periscope!  We have a schedule of live demos and other broadcasts throughout the convention.  Signal-willing, you’ll be able to be a part of it all!  Read on for the full current schedule:

Wednesday – 3pm CST – 5pm CST – AEG Trade Day presentations.

Thursday – 9am CST – Pre-Convention Preview

Thursday – 5pm CST – Dice City Preview Demo

Friday – 1pm CST – Junta Demo

Friday – 4pm CST – Valley of the Kings: Afterlife Demo

Friday Night – Big Game Night Live!

Saturday – 2pm CST – Smash Up: Munchkin Demo

Saturday – 3pm CST – Why First? Demo

Saturday Night – L5R 20th Anniversary Party

Plus random other times as cool stuff happens!

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