Fiction – The Ballad of Mario Crane – Part Four

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The Ballad of Mario Crane, Part Four
by Jeff Bailey

Stakeouts. They’re horrendous with a good partner. It’s worse with Bippy gnawing at my dreams. New York was never like this. New York had its problems, but hell … I never died there.

I’ve been watching Soddum for over a week. I haven’t seen the man I’m looking for yet … Sloane. I’m guessing he rules from inside one of the buildings here, a general in his headquarters. There’s precious few buildings left: an abandoned saloon where the gang drinks, some houses with torn walls, and some cabins, all either new or built by those who now call it home. It’s not a question of where. It’s how to play my one chance to find him before I get spotted.

I’ve learned Sloane’s gang. There are a few leaders. The most senior appears to be the man with the cards. The woman gives her share of orders, too. She talks short, like she’s delivering messages. When I met them, the three of them were it. Now they’ve got a small army under their heels.

I see a lot of run-of-the-mill bandits, who occasionally drift into town. A Mexican rides in and out every few days. Lookouts walk patrol routes. It took a few days to suss out the weak spot I wanted. Or rather, the weak man.

I’m always surprised gangs allow drunks. They’re erratic, believe just about anything … and they’re often known for making up things. So their first report of trouble is often ignored.

I watched him last night, and I’m watching him tonight. Like clockwork, he starts singing too loud for the irritable types in the bar room, they throw him out, and he heads for the outhouse. I sidle up so that when he opens the door, I’m right in his face, gun drawn. He almost lets out a yell, but a hard barrel swipe to the cheek quiets him.

“The man with the cards. British talker. Where does he sleep?” I ask. But I already know.

“I-I don’t know. And I wouldn’t tell ya. You try anything in this town, you’re a dead man.”

I smile at his words while shoving him against the outhouse’s back wall. “Stay there. I’ll be back when it’s done.” I jam a stick in the handle, just thin enough to buy me time to get out of sight. And just like every drunk, he wants to be a hero.

I’m at the back door to card shuffler’s house thirty seconds before the drunk gets to the porch. I’ve got my hand on the latch, waiting.

*bam bam bam*

I wait.


Shouting upstairs. “Bloody hell. Someone better have a reason for waking me up!”

“Mister Jonah, sir! There’s an assassin lookin’ fer ya,” the drunk yells.

Jonah. I memorize the name.

Feet thud on the floor above. I test the knob. The slight give says it’s unlocked.

Angry mutterings accompany footsteps descending the stairs, followed by the opening of a door.

I open this door right in time with the other. I pull it closed behind me — I found a lot of burglars by looking for open doors — and move into the dark hallway. The angry conversation both guides me and covers my footsteps. I could have done this last night, but getting into a man’s house unheard is tricky. Getting into a man’s house while he’s shouting at a drunk at the front door … that’s easier.

“… get the hell off my porch, Jimbo. Wake me again, it won’t just buy you a broken tooth.”

I hear cards shuffle, and a moan of terror. Jimbo believes the cards aren’t for show, and he’s a regular here. Sometimes I trust a drunk.

“I’m sorry, Jonah.” Jimbo gives a shaky laugh. “Must’ve heard wrong.”

I ease into the front hallway. I see Jonah lit from one of the very few street lamps. I slip forward quiet foot by quiet foot, gun in hand.

Jonah slams the door. Showtime.

Click. “Don’t move … shout … so much as flip a card.”

His eyes roll sideways to see a face. I show him Colt steel.

Hands up and empty. Don’t think you’re too important to shoot. You’re just not worth a bullet … yet.” He drops the deck and raises his hands.

“So you’re not an assassin …”

“The back room.” I saw it on my way in. We move slowly, but with no trouble. He seems to know I’m not in the mood to talk yet not of a mind to kill him.

I don’t know what it means that I see so well in the dark these days, but it’s a gift. Most people would say ‘adjusted’; I don’t think that quite fits. I spot a chair near a stove and point to it.

“Sit on your hands.” He does. It’s awkward and leans him forward. It’s not handcuffs, but it doesn’t have to last long. Now he’s facing me, looking equally confused and suspicious.

“Somethin’ familiar about you, mate. I know you from somewhere?”

I look him in the eye. Have you attended so many murders? I move my hand to my lapel.

“Let’s see if this jogs your memory, Jonah.” I had already unbuttoned my shirt. I move my coat aside enough for the hole to show. He doesn’t gasp, doesn’t cry out, but does grow attentive. Jonah knows more than me about the dark forces in the world. I button up and play my opening card. “Don’t try anything. You and your friends had your shot. It’s my turn.”

Jonah leans back as far as he can without moving his hands. “Mister. You’d better –”

I punch him in the gut. I pull back the force a little, but it’s still harder than most human punches. He coughs a little blood, but somehow keeps his hands under his legs.

“You don’t get to say what I’d better anything. You do get to tell me where I can find Sloane. You get to give him up to me.”

He blinks twice. I slowly pull back the hammer and rotate the cylinder. It’s full.

“Um, he’s … in the cabin on the north side of town. That’s a right mansion in these parts.” I review my observations. The blonde was there several times. She’s still his girl, apparently. He notices my thinking.

“So what’ll you do this time? He got you once; he’ll get you again.” He sneers — an achievement while he’s still coughing from my punch — and chuckles. “All you’ve done is show me where not to shoot.”

I shake my head. “Someone might get that shot, Jonah. But it won’t be you.” I cold cock him, and with the tiniest of crunches, Jonah folds like a nine-high hand.

I slip out the back. I know where I’m going, and I know the patrol routes. As I said, my eyes are dark now. I might have guessed where his lair was; it’s where the lookouts keep the tightest focus during the day.

It takes a few minutes, but I get there. The shack has a few windows. I see a figure at a table with a bottle of liquor. The gleam of metal tips me off there’s a light inside and a gun on the table. I don’t have time to wait for him to get drunk. The patrols will find me before I get in. So I do this loud and proud with a single kick.

The door slams open.

Three shots come at me. The first one takes me in the shoulder, going straight through. It stings, but it doesn’t bleed. The second and third prove how good a shot he is. They go straight through the hole, almost on top of each other.

The lantern on the bedside table shifts in the commotion. I see long, dirty blonde hair … woman’s hair. There’s nobody else here. I draw a bead, but don’t shoot. It might be a mistake, but dying gave me more patience than before. And I won’t make things right by becoming what I’m hunting. I’m rewarded for my forbearance when her gun clicks empty. I see loose bullets on the table and grin.

“Drop it.”

She glares at me coolly, but drops the gun. She studies my face, then looks at the still-smoking holes in my coat. She watches the fabric blow outwards a bit as the wind comes in from the open door. She folds her arms in front of her, hands on elbows. It’s not quite ‘hands-up,’ but it’s not openly threatening.

Her voice is icy contempt. “You’ve taken two rounds to the chest, but I don’t think I’m the first to shoot you there.” She studies me as I take in this unexpected scene. “You’re calm for a monster.”

My hand tenses on the trigger. She sees it, but doesn’t flinch.

“The man you ride with is the monster! Where is he? Where is Sloane?”

She softly chuckles. “I am Sloane. Ask anyone out there.” She smirks. “Expecting someone else?”

I pull the hammer back with my thumb. She still doesn’t flinch.

“I’m not in the mood for tricks. I came to kill Sloane, the man you rode into Liver Creek with, but you don’t exactly have his shoulders.” I pause, considering the narrow smile that won’t wash off her face. “Or did I get here too late?”

With a simple shrug, she admits to the murder. She looks at my gun, and then looks to meet my eyes. There’s a glimmer of recognition.

“You do look a little familiar. Liver Creek … oh, yeah … the cute rolling move before he shot you. Not sure how you’re standing here now, but it looks like I did you a favor. Was that all you wanted?”

I want my life back. I want justice … or at least vengeance. But things aren’t going my way tonight. My frustration edges out in a slow sigh. “You murder a murderer and expect a thank you? Then what? I leave, and you pick up where he left off? Is that what you want me to do?”

She shakes her head. “I don’t care what you do. Shoot or get out of my house.”

I look down the barrel at this woman, the trigger tight against my finger.

She’s tough … ruthless. She was there in Liver Creek. I’ve seen her threaten the crowd over and over again in my nightmares. Hell, she just shot me three times in less than a minute. But she’s not him.

I ease the hammer down. She laughs in my face.

“So even after dying yourself, you still don’t have it in you to pull the trigger?” She pauses, more in contemplation than surprise. “You don’t have the sense to be a killer.” Her head shakes again. “You must be a lawman … only thing that makes sense. You had the grit to get inside here, but not the guts to finish the job.” She nods towards the holes in my coat. “Literally.”

I flick the tip of the gun at her. “I’ve still got the drop on you. But you’re right. I was a lawman. I’ve stopped killers, but unlike you, I don’t shoot people just because they’re in my way. And I’d hardly call your situation any better. You live in a ramshackle cabin in a corpse of a town while you and your gang fight for scraps. Your man took more from you than he took from me. You’re wasting the heartbeats God gave you.”

She scoffs. “Spare the lecture. You’re tough enough that a hole in the chest didn’t put you down, but you don’t have the heart to finish this. I’m callin’ your bluff. I shot you three times, so you know what I’m capable of. I just told you I killed him. But you still won’t shoot. Your badge is covering your eyes.” Her tone sharpens from angry to mocking. “ ‘I’ve stopped my fair share of killers.’ Well, I’ve dealt with my fair share of lawmen. They talk tough.” Her voice gets louder, and her stare intensifies. “But sometimes the law’s right inconvenient when they think they know what’s what. Then they remember the law is just words. They look for the word that gets ‘em what they want. Like ‘expedited’.” She shakes her head as she takes a second to cool off. “But when a lawman can’t hide behind the law, can’t use it as their conscience, they fold. So if you’re done here, it’s the middle of the night.” She slumps into the chair next to the bed. ”I’d just as soon go to sleep.”

I take a breath and think. I’ve been on a one-way mission since I left Gomorra. If the man who killed me had been here, I’d have taken him down with no thought to a future. But this — him dead, her gloating and maybe aimin’ to kill more folks than he did — I can’t throw myself away now. But I also can’t kill her just because she looks guilty. Not even because she says she’s guilty. I have to see this whole thing through. To do that, I have to get out of this town alive … in one piece, I mean. That might mean killing every gunman from here to the county line, or …

I move the gun to point up in the air – still at her, but enough to signal her to get up.

“Don’t push your luck. My badge doesn’t cover my eyes, it just stays my hand until it’s needed. And right now, I’m at a fork in the road. One way is the way folk like you always choose. You die, I die, everybody dies.” I mime pulling the hammer back with my thumb. Then I tilt my head back towards the door. “The other road is a proper escort out of your camp so I can keep my promise to all the people your man killed, the promise to make sure all of us didn’t die for nothing.” I move a little towards the door, where I saw her coat. “So we’re going for a walk.” I pick up her duster from the pegs on the wall and throw it at her.

And I see what was hanging underneath it.

I’ve seen it a thousand times. Sometimes I take the guns from it and shoot him. Sometimes I watch helplessly as he draws the guns from it and shoots me or everyone else. One time, I threw him into the wall with it.

I click back the hammer for real and aim straight at her forehead. She knows something changed. Her eyes move to the wall and the sturdy leather holster belt hanging there … with a gun in it.

She flings her duster at me and bolts out of her chair for the gun. I throw the coat off and just manage to slip the pistol out of the belt before she yanks it off the wall. She curses as I move back again – but she seems more concerned about the holster than the gun.

I clear my throat. “That’s his holster. I wouldn’t have thought it fits you. So what is it, a blood keepsake?”

Her eyes fix on my gun. She’s coiled to strike. Her hand clenches around the holster like it’s a drunk’s last bottle, and the anger she kept down finally boils up. “It doesn’t matter one rotten bit who owned this before, or why I have it. It belongs to me now.” Her fingers tighten even more. “He’s dead. Nobody here for you, lawman,” she spits.

We stare for five whole seconds. No words. I’m holding my gun with the hammer back. She’s clutching that belt. Something about it hit her like lightning. Five seconds ago, she was so done with me she almost went to bed. Now she’s nitro. This woman might blow up the world, with herself on it, just to see the fireworks. I wouldn’t get ten feet from here with this woman as my ‘escort.’

But while we’re just staring, it hits me. She’s a tall, well-built woman with decent muscles. I’m a tall, shriveled man with incredibly compact muscles. Her duster is right there. I pocket her backup gun and slowly pick the coat up off the floor.

She watches me shrug her coat over my shoulders. I grab her hat with my free hand. Her eyes are burnt iron. She’s about to spit fire at me, but she swallows it. After a moment, she speaks again in a more controlled voice.

“You missed your chance to get what you wanted here. And you’re not worth any more fuss. If you somehow get out of Soddum, leave my duds where I can find ‘em, and I’ll forget all about you.”

I tense down a hair and allow a smile. “Really? How … chivalrous of you. But go ahead and sleep tight. I won’t forget about you. Not ever. You were there when he killed me, and you didn’t flinch. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about you. You may have taken my prize away, but you’ve taken his name. Bad move. I’ll be watching you closely from now on. If you keep on his road of killing innocents without a sigh of regret, I’ll remind you I’m still here. If you think I’ll go away, you underestimate the patience of the dead.”

I back away slowly. She’s still clutching the holster … his holster. I don’t want to know if she cherishes the memory of his life or the memory of his murder. But she’s the problem now. I need to find out who this woman really is, and why she’s taken his name. Is it a shield, or a sword? I can’t find that out here. Not now, not in her cabin, and not in Soddum. I have to wait for her to make her play, make her mistake, tie the noose around her own neck. So I close the door and begin my slow walk into the dark night.

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More Koku and Evil Portents Updates!

Samurai of Rokugan,

The second and last wave of final Koku offers has gone live, as of late Monday night. That includes boxes of Ivory (and pre-Ivory) boosters and rare sets from recent expansions. We also decided to extend the deadline for the Glory Of redemption pack and the IA Catch Up Bundle so that no one would miss out. Those two items will deactivate with the second wave on 30 November, 2015.

We will cease accepting koku at the offices after 25 November, 2015.

Koku orders from the first wave may be delayed due to the Epic PvP Kickstarter fulfillment. We will be trying to fit these in next week, if at all possible.

Evil Portents has started selling on the AEG Online Store. Each day, Monday through Thursday, between 11/9 and 11/19, we will be releasing a limited number of Evil Portents Booster Displays, at a random time during the day. This probably seems unusual but we were cautious not to release our entire stock at once so that players would have equal access to this promotion.

Make sure to visit the AEG Online Store on Black Friday to check our promotions!

AEG Customer Service Team

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Dirty Deeds Preview – Karl Odett

This preview is for the next Saddlebag Expansion, Dirty Deeds, arriving in stores November 16, 2015! Ask your local game store about it today!

Checking In
by Jim Despaw

karlodett_card“I am very sorry to keep you waiting!” Karl Odett closed the door to his office and hurried into the room, smoothing his ill-fitting green vest and willing his lips into the most caring smile he could manage. He smoothed his oily hair to the side with one damp palm and took a seat behind his desk. “How may I be of service, Mrs. …?”

“Fisher,” the woman started, her eyes pensive. “Mary Fisher.” Her hands fidgeted nervously on her lap, and her face wore several creases of worry. “My husband has gone missing, and I was told that he might have been brought here. His name is Arthur … Arthur Fisher.”

“Oh, my, how terrible!” Odett steepled his fingers and leaned forward on the desk. “And what makes you think he is here at the Sanatorium?”

“He … he …” she began, tears welling in her eyes.

Odett plucked a slightly wrinkled white handkerchief from his breast pocket and handed it across the desk. “It’s alright, ma’am. Take your time.”

“Thank you,” she said, dabbing under her eyes. “You are too kind.” Composing herself, she continued. “He had the sickness … the same as a lot of folks in town. I went to visit him at the tents last night and he was gone. Someone said he might have been brought here for treatment.”

“Certainly possible. Our secluded location and clean air are just the thing to cleanse the body and spirit! But I am afraid your husband’s name doesn’t sound familiar.”

“Could you please check … just in case?”

“Of course!” Odett sighed under his breath as he reached into a desk drawer, pulling out the first papers he could find. The pages were blank but he studied them intently. “Hmmm … there is no record of a Mr. Arthur Fisher here. Believe me, I know every patient that walks through these doors. I care for them as if they were my own, and each has a special place in my hear–”

Suddenly the door burst open behind them, and a ragged woman stumbled into the room. Her hair was a mess of tangles, and only a dirty blue hospital gown covered her lean frame. Her eyes darted around the room, falling on Mrs. Fisher first.

“Help me!” she shrieked. “Please … you must help –”

She fell silent, her eyes growing wide in terror as they fell on Odett. She turned back to the doorway, but found it blocked by a behemoth figure in faded blue overalls who nearly filled the entire doorway with his bulk. With a fluid motion he reached in and scooped up the girl, slinging her over one massive shoulder. She kicked and flailed against his grip, but the goliath stood unmoving.

“Well, Mrs. Fisher,” Odett said, rising from his seat, “it seems you will get your wish after all.” The other woman stood frozen in horror as he addressed the man in the hallway. “Horace, put Mrs. Fisher in the upper ward, so she can be close to her husband.”

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Dirty Deeds Preview – Tlaloc’s Furies

This preview is for the next Saddlebag Expansion, Dirty Deeds, arriving in stores November 16, 2015! Ask your local game store about it today!

Tlaloc’s Furies
by Paul Durant

“Just as I thought,” said Smiling Frog. “The Ever-Triumphant Trail was too well-walked for them. They had to wait until she cut around Devil’s Armpit to make their move, the cowards.”

The old Pomo tracker slid down the ravine to inspect the scene, leaving his two companions to follow after. A covered wagon hung with shawls, beads, dreamcatchers, and all manner of assorted geegaws laid on its side, smashed half to pieces. All that remained of its driver was a pile of rags, but nobody had bothered to either kill or free the horse that had pulled it. The nag was still alive, baking in the sun. He took an umbrella from the wreck, opening it to give the animal some shade, and unslung his waterskin to give the horse a drink. It gave him a wary look that said it had no energy left to act thankful.

Animal taken care of, Smiling Frog inspected the wreckage. Careful not to jostle it too hard and send it into collapse, he propped open the back door and let the harsh noon light stream in. Tiny wooden totems, scrimshaw necklaces, decorative furs, and crafts in varying states of completion were scattered about the back, but he specifically sought a black iron box, inlaid with as many markings to ward off evil as there were tribes in the Great Maze, its hinges covered in paper talismans. It was the only thing of importance this wagon had to carry. And as he sifted through the cargo piece by piece, it became clear that the box was gone.

tlalocsfuries_card“They took it,” he said, standing and dusting off his hands.

Finally,” replied Laughing Crow as she rode up to the wagon. “If I had to haul these old bones all the way up here again to give them another chance at it, I’d wind up with saddle sores up to my neck.”

“Saddle sores?!” groused the spectral Inuit woman floating at her side. “She drags me across the veil, dresses me up like a caravaner so I can get shot by a pack of hoodlums, and she’s complaining about saddle sores?”

“If they didn’t shoot anyone for it, they wouldn’t have thought they were stealing something valuable!” Smiling Frog protested, before realizing that having her shot wasn’t even his idea. “This is the Maza Gang, not Sloane. Small-timers need a bit more hand-holding.”

“We ARE sure this is a good idea, right?” the old ghost asked him. “Those things are dangerous in anyone’s hands. They could be downright deadly in his.”

“We’re sure,” answered Smiling Frog. “Well, Stephen is, and I trust him. Hawk may be strange, but her ideas usually work out somehow.”

“I just wish she coulda saved us some trouble and told us how to GET the knives to him,” added Laughing Crow. “Because if they didn’t take the bait this time, I’d have just knocked on Mayor Whateley’s front door and tossed them into his lap.”

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A Return to 7th Sea


For Immediate Release: A Return to 7th Sea

AEG is excited to announce that we have entered into a deal with John Wick Presents to sell back the publication rights for the 7th Sea game line. AEG will still retain rights to publish a number of products within that line over the next few years and we are negotiating and planning what that will be but have no announcements at this time.

John Wick was part of the original AEG development crew and we created some awesome worlds together during our first 5 years of business but 7th Sea was his personal passion project and while it benefited from being published at AEG, it was his baby. This deal puts the game the world he loves back in his hands and gives AEG an opportunity to adventure once again on the high seas in one of the most beloved gaming worlds of the last 20 years.

John Zinser, CEO of AEG, is excited for JWP and AEG. “The world of 7th Sea is just too amazing to spend any more time sitting on a shelf and while a deal we announced a month or so ago for that other property we developed has gotten a lot of attention this deal has been in negotiation for much longer. It is just good Karma that 7Th Sea ends up back with it’s creator. We are excited that we get to keep the part of the playground we do best and let JWP start to grow the brand again from the ground up.”

“It’s the game I get asked about most,” John Wick (owner of JWP) said. “More than anything I’ve ever done. I’m very proud of the work that was done, but I’m also very excited to see the game rejuvenated with modern game design and technology.”

“I’m very glad AEG is doing card and board games,” John Wick said. “They’ve proven to be one of the best companies in the world when it comes to those kinds of games. I’m excited to see what they come up with.”

For more information about 7th Sea and upcoming plans go to and

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Final Koku Offers Available For All IA Members

Samurai of Rokugan,

The first wave of the Evil Portents koku offers are live and we have an exciting announcement to make:

We would like every Imperial Assembly member, past or present, to be able to participate in these offers. Therefore, we have activated every account that has ever held a subscription until December 31st, 2015.

However, to reward those players that still had active subscriptions before this, we awarded all such accounts with 101 Koku!

If you experience any difficulties or do not receive koku as you were entitled to, please email and we will address your problem as quickly as possible.

As you can imagine, things are pretty busy as we close down L5R and make these final items available to you. We may hold orders of koku shipments up to two weeks. We will make every effort to get these orders out in a timely fashion but there might be delays, regardless of our best intentions.

Thank you for your support over the years,
The AEG Customer Service Team

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Dirty Deeds Preview – Rico Rodegain

This preview is for the next Saddlebag Expansion, Dirty Deeds, arriving in stores November 16, 2015! Ask your local game store about it today!

Double or Nuthin’
By Ross Fisher-Davis

ricorodegain_cardRico’s hands flashed the cards across the table so quick they were a blur, and then slapped one of his powerful hands down on the table loud enough to make everyone jump.

“And that was when I realized that I might be in some real trouble.” Rico continued the story that had taken four hands to build, loud enough to grab the whole saloon’s attention. He pointed a finger into Charlie’s face and flipped over the first of his dealer cards.

“Now I knew being lost in the Maze was bad enough, but now that I’d lost my horse, I knew I was in for a time of it. Lady Luck, that fickle mistress, was scowling down on me, let me tell you.”

Grant and Morley glanced down at their cards briefly, before Rico’s arms spread wide, as if to encompass the whole room, and gave a hoot.

“That’s when I saw it! Maze Dragon … biggest one I ever seen. Coming right at me outta the blue.”

The dealer’s cards came up, and with a flourish, Rico was tugging in winnings from all three players at the table.

“Bad luck gentlemen. You know what they say, ‘Next time lucky.’ How about another round? Now where was I?”

Grant looked down at his swiftly dwindling pile of chips and opened his mouth to speak, when Rico tossed him another hand and a winning smile.

“That’s right! It was all thanks to the information I’d found when I was exploring the old Knot Mine that gave me the advantage I needed to outwit that big overgrown skink, and so it was that I developed a cunning plan that would lead me safely out of his clutches, and get me the gold after all.”

“Wait, where did the gold come from again?” Charlie said, looking up from his cards, failing to keep up with the story and focus on his hand at the same time. Rico waved the question away with a flourish of deft hands and dealt out the last card.

“Whole ‘nother story; we’ll come around to that later, don’t you worry yer pretty little head about it. So anyway, the dragon bears down on me, and I can feel his breath right on my face, he’s so close.”

Glancing across the cards on the table, Rico clapped his hands together and gave a deep sigh.

“Well gentlemen looks like the fickle mistress is on my side tonight, don’t it?” He leaned forward to scoop up his opponents’ last surviving chips.

“Wai– … wait. What happened with the dragon?” Morley asked, missing the flush he could have had with the right discard.

Rico looked up, a wide smile on his face.

“Then allow me to continue, of course. Everybody loves a good story. In the meantime, shall we say, double or nuthin’?”

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Evil Portents and Koku Redemption

Samurai of Rokugan!

Just in time for the release of Evil Portents, the final expansion for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG, we’re making some awesome stuff available for you to acquire with your hard-earned Koku! This is our way of rewarding loyal Imperial Assembly (IA) members, as well as offering you a way to spend the copious amounts of Koku many of you have saved up. This offer begins on Monday, October 26.

This will work the same way Koku orders for cards always have. You simply have to log into your IA account, move your mouse pointer over your banked Koku value at the top of the page, then select “Koku Redemption”. You’ll then see the items listed below. You will be able to order ONE of each available item. Before you complete your order, the shipping cost will be shown to you; you can pay that with PayPal, and then wait for your order to arrive!

A few notes:

  • Shipping weights/charges are normally calculated per card. We’re setting the # of cards for these offers to reflect the actual shipping cost of these larger items.
  • We’re still accepting Koku, so you can continue adding Koku to your accounts until further notice.

So, without further delay, here are deals.

Legend of the Five Rings Products

Until October 26th

The Koku / “Glory of” Redemption program will continue to offer the currently-available cards.

October 26th – November 8th

Beginning on October 26, you will be able to order up to ONE of each of the following for the listed Koku amount:

  1. Imperial Assembly Catch-Up Bundle – 1 Koku
    • 6 Packs of unreleased IA promos (3 copies of each):
      • Nimble Scouts, Scout Tactics
      • Colonial Herald, Colonial Edict
      • Another Time, Brilliant Victory
      • Scout, Narrow Ground
      • Berserkers, Duty
      • Zombie Troops, Corrupted Ground
  2. 10,000th Card Set – 10,000 Koku
  3. 2014 Holiday Pack – Just the Cards – 200 Koku
  4. 20 Festivals Glory Redemption Pack – 3 of each clan “Glory of” item
    • Comes with 1 copy of each side of each Clan’s stronghold from Twenty Festivals, in foil, and 1 copy of each Unique Personality from the Twenty Festivals starters, for a total of 36 cards.

November 9th – November 30th

Beginning on November 9, and last until November 30, you will be able to order up to ONE of each of the following for the listed Koku amount:

  1. Booster Boxes –
    • The Coming Storm – 1000 Koku
    • A Line in the Sand – 1000 Koku
    • The New Order – 1000 Koku
    • Ivory Edition – 800 Koku
    • Gates of Chaos – 500 Koku
    • Aftermath – 500 Koku
    • Coils of Madness – 400 Koku
  2. Rare Sets –
    • 20 Festivals A or B – 1100 Koku
    • Thunderous Acclaim  – 1200 Koku
    • The Coming Storm – 1100 Koku
    • A Line in the Sand – 1100 Koku
    • The New Order – 1100 Koku

Doomtown Reloaded Conversion Bundles

Obviously, there’s no replacing L5R in our hearts. However, we would like to at least help fill the void with Doomtown Reloaded, the fantastic card “weird” West card game from AEG. This is our first Evolving Card Game (ECG), which means it’s not “collectible”; there are no rarities and all cards are “fixed” in each Doomtown Reloaded product. Doomtown Reloaded shares some mechanical concepts with L5R, but the real fun comes from assembling poker decks and drawing poker hands to resolve shootouts and other interactions with your opponent. More information about Doomtown Reloaded is available here!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get into Doomtown Reloaded, so we’re offering the following bundles through the Koku system.

Note: Shipping prices have been adjusted to reflect both the weight of the items and a small base cost for the product.

Doomtown Reloaded Conversion Bundles (available from October 26 to November 30 inclusive)

  1. Deputy Bundle – 100 Koku
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Base Set
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag – New Town, New Rules
  2. Sheriff Bundle – 500 Koku
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Base Set
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag – New Town, New Rules
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag – Double Dealin’
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag – Election Day Slaughter
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Pine Box    – Faith & Fear
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag – Frontier Justice
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag – No Turning Back
    • 1x Doomtown Reloaded Saddlebag – Nightmare at Noon

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Dirty Deeds Preview – Miasmatic Purifier

This preview is for the next Saddlebag Expansion, Dirty Deeds, arriving in stores November 16, 2015! Ask your local game store about it today!

Miasmatic Purifier
By Jon Del Arroz

Right in front of me stood a large metal box, about the size of three outhouses. I held up a torn piece of the Gazette to make sure I was in the right place.

Feeling Ill? Persistent Cough? The cure is here! Come Wednesday to the Miasmatic Purifier due west of the Morgan Research Institute.

My lungs burned, fits of coughs came out, each harder than the last, but none strong enough to help. It’d been about a week since the gunk filled up my lungs. My chest ached and throat burned from the repeated sensation.

“Ah, you must be one of the applicants,” someone said from behind me.

A man with dark hair, round glasses and black gloves approached. He tugged a glove off to offer his hand. “William Specks. Glad you came. I suppose you’ll want to know a little bit about what we hope will be the cure for the lingering sickness ailing our fair town.”

Mr. Specks moved with a bounce in his step, the kind you’d see when Miss Lula caught a glimpse of a baby horse, as he pulled open the thick metal door. Inside, dozens of blades spun. I followed him in, holding onto my hat so it wouldn’t fly away.

“Dr. Pasteur called a meeting a few days ago to talk about this epidemic and how it’s our duty as scientists to find the cure. This room is the fruits of that meeting. Powered by our company’s new ghost rock find, it sucks out the bad air filled with dust, debris, and chemicals from cattle flatulence, and simultaneously generates pure, clean air through a series of intricate filtration devices. Spend a half an hour in here, breathing in the pure air, and the bad should cycle out through your lungs.”

I blinked. “Mr. Specks, thank you kindly for the explanation, but I’ve been sick for too long, and my head ain’t what it used to be. I have to say I have no idea what you just said.”

The scientist smiled, motioned toward a small chair in the center of the chamber. “Just have a seat. It’ll all be better soon.”

miasmaticpurifier_cardMy boots clanked as I stepped onto the metal floor. Mr. Specks closed the door and the blades moved even faster. The room shook from all the motion, air washing all around, filling my lungs. Doggone it, I could breath again!

After a while, the doors opened again.

“How do you feel?” Mr. Specks asked.

I stepped outside. My lungs were clear of gunk. My nose didn’t even itch! I’d been cured. Praise the Lord and the good Mr. Specks. I took in the air as deeply as I could …

… and started coughing all over again. I doubled over from the pain in my chest, and found myself unable to keep my balance.

Specks shook his head, carefully stepping over me and patting his machine as if it were a pet. “Ah well, back to the drawing board!”

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