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“The Bar Has Been Set”

By Edward Bolme, January 31, 2013 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Mercante, Reviews

The Spiel did a lengthy—dare I say epic—review of Tempest as a world, a line, a toolbox, and a series of individual games. And it pleases me, as the developer, to see that they get the whole concept, tip to… Read More »

Love Letter Loads Up!

By Edward Bolme, January 28, 2013 Comments Off Love Letter, Production Update

Our production manager is in China, and just reported watching them load up the Love Letter reprint (along with Awesome Level 9000) into a shipping contianer. It’s on its way!

Love Letter Update

By Edward Bolme, January 22, 2013 Comments Off Love Letter, Production Update

According to the production update received minutes ago, the status of the Love Letter reprint is as follows: Estimated to arrive at shipping on Feb 1. Estimated to arrive in US Customs Feb 16.

Love Letter Production Update

By Edward Bolme, January 8, 2013 Comments Off Love Letter, Production Update

According to my wonderful production manager, the colors on the reprint intially were a little washed out, so we had to adjust the press, which of course caused a delay. Nonetheless, he expects us to have a ship date for… Read More »

Courtier Reviewed in Dice Tower

By Edward Bolme, December 17, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Reviews, Tempest

Wherein Tom Vasel says various and sundry things like, “Wow, this is fun!” and “It’s fast, it’s easy to teach…” and “I like this game.” Check it out!

Love Letter One of the 10 Best

By Edward Bolme, December 5, 2012 Comments Off Love Letter, Reviews, Tempest

Matthew Baldwin of The Morning Post just named Love Letter one of the year’s 10 best in his annual Good Gift Games article!

Tempest on Dice Tower News

By Edward Bolme, December 4, 2012 Comments Off Tempest

No reviews, but a great radio voice!

Garrett’s Games on 3/4 of the Tempest Line

By Edward Bolme, November 27, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Love Letter, Mercante, Reviews

A fairly extensive review of Love Letter, Mercante, and Dominare in their most recent podcast.

Love Letter in French

By Edward Bolme, November 26, 2012 Comments Off Love Letter, Production Update, Tempest

It’s only appropriate that the first foreign language version of Love Letter be rendered in French. Well, Italian would also have worked. Ah, those Romance languages… Anyway, the French version is being produced by Filosofia Édition, and we will keep… Read More »

Tempest at BGG Con

By Edward Bolme, November 12, 2012 Comments Off Convention, Tempest

AEG will be at BGG Con at DFW airport this week. We will be demoing all four Tempest games (and looking for game #5) as well as Guildhall Smash Up, and more. If you are attending, swing by, take a… Read More »