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“The Bar Has Been Set”

By Edward Bolme, January 31, 2013 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Mercante, Reviews

The Spiel did a lengthy—dare I say epic—review of Tempest as a world, a line, a toolbox, and a series of individual games. And it pleases me, as the developer, to see that they get the whole concept, tip to… Read More »

Courtier Reviewed in Dice Tower

By Edward Bolme, December 17, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Reviews, Tempest

Wherein Tom Vasel says various and sundry things like, “Wow, this is fun!” and “It’s fast, it’s easy to teach…” and “I like this game.” Check it out!

Garrett’s Games on 3/4 of the Tempest Line

By Edward Bolme, November 27, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Love Letter, Mercante, Reviews

A fairly extensive review of Love Letter, Mercante, and Dominare in their most recent podcast.

Swooning Over Courtier

By Edward Bolme, November 9, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Reviews, Tempest

This Board Game Life has posted a lengthy and detailed review of Courtier, by Philip duBarry. “Courtier combined AEG’s Tempest world with Philip duBarry’s design skills which seemed like a natural win… and it was!” You can read the entire… Read More »

Tempest Release Dates!

By Edward Bolme, October 26, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Love Letter, Mercante, Production Update, Tempest

All four Tempest games are scheduled to arrive in the US within a week or so. Then they have to clear customs, and we immediately start shipping to our international distributors. Thus we are able to peg an international release… Read More »

A Closer Look at Courtier

By Edward Bolme, October 17, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Production Update, Tempest

Your friendly neighborhood Tempest Brand Manager has, in his hot little fists, the first-off copy of Courtier (sent as a physical proof from China, thence carried to the Alliance Open House by our sales manager, and then sent here for… Read More »

By Edward Bolme, October 8, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Tempest

Curious to see what Philip duBarry’s Tempest game plays like? Courtier Lite, a print-and-play sampler game, is available for download now! While it is not the complete game, it has plenty of variety and nicely shows off the beautiful Tempest… Read More »

Adnan Riordan in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, October 5, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Personality Spotlight, Uncategorized

Adnan Riordan is a veritable establishment among the Tempest intelligentsia. As such, he does appear in Courtier as the Emeritus. But where he really shines is in Dominare. Remember two days ago, when we told you that the Atheneum was… Read More »

Lord Laurent Chantril in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, October 3, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Personality Spotlight, Tempest

Lord Chantril is the patron of the sciences in Tempest. As such he is affiliated with the Atheneum, but he himself is not much of a scholar. The Atheneum faction is all about providing options in the Tempest games. In… Read More »

Pilare Elmen nee Koivasta in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, September 28, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Personality Spotlight

We mentioned in Tuesday’s installment that merchant Michael Elmen had friends in high places. And one of those friends is his wife. Pilare Koivasta appears in Courtier as a part of the Commerce coterie, in the role of adjustor. The… Read More »