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Dominare Showing at Essen

By Edward Bolme, October 18, 2012 Comments Off Dominare, Tempest

If you haven’t seen it, Todd Rowland givs a cursory explanation of Dominare here:

A Closer Look at Courtier

By Edward Bolme, October 17, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Production Update, Tempest

Your friendly neighborhood Tempest Brand Manager has, in his hot little fists, the first-off copy of Courtier (sent as a physical proof from China, thence carried to the Alliance Open House by our sales manager, and then sent here for… Read More »

Getting a Love Letter

By Edward Bolme, October 15, 2012 Comments Off Developer's Blog, Love Letter, Tempest

I clearly remember the first time I saw Love Letter. It was a PDF attached to a simple email from John Zinser (our CEO, who was at that time in Japan) saying, “Look this over.” There was not much there…. Read More »

Personality Spotlight: Adjunct Gianni Archiatio

By Daniel Briscoe, October 11, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight

Adjunct Gianni Archiatio Sex: Male Skin Tone: Beige Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Age: Middle Hand: ? Gianni doesn’t work very hard, as a result of which he became a joke among his contemporaries, a sort of pathetic whipping boy of… Read More »

Dante Straziami in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, October 10, 2012 Comments Off Dominare, Personality Spotlight, Tempest

Dante Straziami is a powerful and senior senator (note that the length of his senatorial cloak, which displays his tenure). At lower levels of the conspiracy, he helps solidify your control of the Senate with his strong 4 influence, and… Read More »

Personality Spotlight: Senator Dante Straziami

By Daniel Briscoe, October 9, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight

Senator Dante Straziami Sex: Male Skin Tone: Olive Hair: bald Eyes: Brown Age: Old Hand: ? When the old guard of senators was forged, they broke the mold making Dante. He’s the oldest, most respected member of the Senate. He’s… Read More »

By Edward Bolme, October 8, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Tempest

Curious to see what Philip duBarry’s Tempest game plays like? Courtier Lite, a print-and-play sampler game, is available for download now! While it is not the complete game, it has plenty of variety and nicely shows off the beautiful Tempest… Read More »

Love Letter Rules in Hungarian

By Edward Bolme, October 6, 2012 Comments Off Love Letter, Tempest

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Zólyomi „Zaba” Balázs, we are happy to present to you the rules for Love Letter in Hungarian, in a 3-page, 1.5MB PDF. Unlike last week, this particular brand manager has not taken any Hungarian… Read More »

Adnan Riordan in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, October 5, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Personality Spotlight, Uncategorized

Adnan Riordan is a veritable establishment among the Tempest intelligentsia. As such, he does appear in Courtier as the Emeritus. But where he really shines is in Dominare. Remember two days ago, when we told you that the Atheneum was… Read More »

Personality Spotlight: Professor Emeritus Adnan Riodran

By Daniel Briscoe, October 4, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight

Adnan Riordan Sex: Male Skin Tone: Beige Hair: White Eyes: Brown Age: senior Hand: Left Emeritus Adnan is a retired professor and publisher of theories. A widower, he has nothing else to do but hang around the campus guiding and… Read More »