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Personality Spotlight: Lord Laurent Chantril

By Daniel Briscoe, October 2, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight

Lord Laurent Chantril   Sex: Male Skin Tone: Beige Hair: Gray Eyes: Brown Age: Old Hand: ?   Lord Chantril is not a professor, but the fourth-generation heir of the founder of the Atheneum and a noble. He inherited his… Read More »

Creating a Love Letter

By Edward Bolme, October 1, 2012 Comments Off Design Blog, Love Letter, Tempest

By Seiji Kanai, Designer The inspiration behind the birth of this game goes back 2 years in time. A designer named Takuya Saeki devised an idea at “Game Market,” a board game trade show that’s held in Japan. The idea… Read More »

Love Letter Rules in Spanish

By Edward Bolme, September 29, 2012 Comments Off Love Letter, Tempest

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Roi Espino Cid, we are happy to present to you the rules for Love Letter in Spanish, in a 3-page, 1.5MB PDF. Now let’s see how Spanish classes have served this particular brand manager…. Read More »

Pilare Elmen nee Koivasta in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, September 28, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Personality Spotlight

We mentioned in Tuesday’s installment that merchant Michael Elmen had friends in high places. And one of those friends is his wife. Pilare Koivasta appears in Courtier as a part of the Commerce coterie, in the role of adjustor. The… Read More »

Personality Spotlight: Chancellor Pilare Elmen nee Koivasta

By Daniel Briscoe, September 27, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight

Chancellor Pilare Elmen nee Koivasta Sex: Female Skin Tone: Beige Hair: Medium Brown Eyes: Light Brown Age: Middle She was originally the senate adjustor. She married Michel Elmen during or after the events of Courtier, and ended up being elected… Read More »

Michael Elmen in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, September 26, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Mercante, Personality Spotlight, Tempest

Michael Elmen is the head of one of the important merchant houses in Tempest, and the first of what will undoubtedly become many bankers seeking to control the financial destiny of the city-state. In Courtier, he is part of the… Read More »

Personality Spotlight: Michael Elmen

By Daniel Briscoe, September 25, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight

Michael Elmen Sex: Male Skin Tone: Olive Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Age: Middle As a member of the Guild, Michael Elmen’s grandfather began to explore moneylending on the side as a practice to keep the trade flowing. Some dishonest work,… Read More »

Mercante’s Roots

By Edward Bolme, September 24, 2012 Comments Off Design Blog, Mercante, Tempest

Jeff Tidball is too busy to write up a designer’s blog for us, but we do have an early document that he wrote that we thought we would share with you. Compare this to what was, in the end, published:… Read More »

Tempest Now on Facebook

By Edward Bolme, September 22, 2012 Comments Off Tempest

Please visit our page at and give us a like!

Ivan and Odette in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, September 21, 2012 Comments Off Dominare, Love Letter, Personality Spotlight, Tempest

Ivan and Odette are two of the minor characters in the Tempest saga, but ones whose role could change to a major one without notice. Thus far, hard-working Ivan Sobol only appears in Dominare. He is far too rough a… Read More »