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Arnaud and Marianna in the Tempest Games

By Edward Bolme, September 7, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Love Letter, Mercante, Personality Spotlight

Earlier this week we showed you the art and told a bit of the background of King Arnaud and Queen Marianna. Now let’s take a look and see how they appear in the various Tempest games. Queen Marianna Queen Marianna… Read More »

Personality Spotlight: Queen Marianna Kylene

By Daniel Briscoe, September 6, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight, Tempest

Marianna Kylene of Stenholl, Queen Consort of the City-State of Tempest Sex: Female Skin Tone: Fair Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Age: Middle Hand: Right   The queen married Arnaud IV by an arranged marriage. It was a coup for him…. Read More »

By Edward Bolme, September 5, 2012 Comments Off Dominare

For those of you who’d like to get a head start learning about the biggest of our Tempest games, the rulebook for Dominare is now available for your perusal in a 11 MB PDF! Click here! You can view sample… Read More »

Personality Spotlight: King Arnaud IV

By Daniel Briscoe, September 4, 2012 Comments Off Personality Spotlight, Tempest

His Royal Highness King Arnaud IV of the City-State of Tempest, oft called Arnaud the Lucky Sex: Male Skin Tone: Olive Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Age: Old Hand: Right King Arnaud IV has been an eminently mediocre king. He wanted… Read More »

Board Game Geek Previews Love Letter

By Edward Bolme, August 29, 2012 Comments Off Love Letter, Reviews

With a gratuitous discussion of whom Prince Arnaud of Temepst looks like.

Love Letter: The Next Tempest Game

By Edward Bolme, August 28, 2012 Comments Off Love Letter

As you may have noticed by the new slider item at the top of the home page, we have a new game in the Tempest line: Love Letter by designer Seiji Kanai. We will have more about this fast-playing, highly… Read More »

Tempest Production Update

By Edward Bolme, August 28, 2012 Comments Off Courtier, Dominare, Mercante, Production Update

FYI, Courtier, Dominare, and Mercante are all on press. We are awaiting an off-press date from the printer.

Dominare Gets Its First Award

By Edward Bolme, August 27, 2012 Comments Off Dominare, Reviews

Although they consistently mispronounced the name, the fine gentlemen at This Board Game Life has nothing but good to say about Dominare, the epic game for the Tempest line, giving it a TBGL Gold Medal.

Tempest: Origins

By Edward Bolme, August 21, 2012 Comments Off Tempest

by John Zinser, AEG CEO “You make what you play.” A wise game designer once told me that, and after 20 years of making games I tend to agree with that statement. There is no doubt that companies bandwagon for… Read More »

It’s Quiet… Too Quiet…

By Edward Bolme, August 14, 2012 Comments Off Convention, Tempest

You may have noticed that the Tempest blog has been very quiet over the last two months. You may also have noticed that we are launching Smash Up at Gen Con. The two are related; we have a lot to… Read More »