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Root of Corruption: Incarnates

By Daniel Briscoe, October 17, 2012 Comments Off Previews

The Abyssal Incarnates are some of the most fearsome, foul, and terrifying creatures ever encountered in Thunderstone. They have corrupted many of the races of Tala, which was reflected in the Minion cards seen earlier this week. Today we show… Read More »

Root of Corruption: Minions

By Daniel Briscoe, October 15, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Today’s previews are of unfortunate souls who have been corrupted by the crawling evil that Doom has brought into Tala known as Incarnates. (You’ll see more of those late this week.) They all are oozing the evil taint of these… Read More »

Root of Corruption: Surprises from the Old World…

By Daniel Briscoe, October 10, 2012 Comments Off Previews

For those of you who have been playing Thunderstone since the beginning – or those of you who joined up later, and went back to experience all that the Old World had to offer might remember really iconic monsters that… Read More »

Root of Corruption: Heavy Metal!

By Daniel Briscoe, October 3, 2012 Comments Off Previews

In today’s previews for Thunderstone Advance: Root of Corruption, we take a look at some of the tools of the trade that our heroes will have in order to combat what is arguably one of the most challenging enemies ever!… Read More »

Root of Corruption: Gnolls!

By Daniel Briscoe, September 26, 2012 Comments Off Previews

We’ve got more Root of Corruption previews for you today Thunderstone fans! Today we see rise of gnolls in Tala. And these woodland scavengers are not beneath taking things off of living victims. As you can see from the previews,… Read More »