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Root of Corruption of GFBR’s House Rules

By jquick, January 12, 2013 Comments Off News

I’m not saying we set out to corrupt episode 51 of Giant Fire Breathing Robot’s House Rules podcast. But once a Thunderstone enters the picture, its enticements can be too hard to resist. Perhaps host Drew Massey has felt the… Read More »

Thunderstone a Game Informer Top 10 Game of 2012

By jquick, January 4, 2013 Comments Off News

Game Informer! Were you aware of their ability to inform you of games? It’s true! And in the last year, they’ve taken bold steps to become a site for board games as well as video games. If you knew these… Read More »

Thunderstone on the Rising Tide

By jquick, November 4, 2012 Comments Off Uncategorized

If you’ve been following board game sales trends (I don’t know why you would, but maybe you’re like me, and you just find this stuff interesting), you might have seen online articles that say things like board games sales are… Read More »

By jquick, September 21, 2012 Comments Off Module

It’s module time again! This week we’re cranking up with Guard Duty, the module we sent out for pre-release play when Caverns of Bane debuted. We fixed up some typos and made it ready to play for the world at… Read More »

Thunderstone Numenera, Total Sellout

By jquick, September 6, 2012 Comments Off News

In a little less than a week, the contributor level for Thunderstone: Numenera has sold out. A solid 100 contributor slots flew off of Kickstarter’s virtual shelves. But don’t lose hope, Doomfighters! You can still get Thunderstone: Numenera added to… Read More »