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Read part 2. The Warrior was bored. He’d been back from the northern edge of Caledron for ten days. He’d spent nearly a month up there, including time recuperating from extreme frostbite. On the way back, he flew part of the way… Read More »

New World, Ancient Evil part 2

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Read part 1. After three weeks zigzagging across the tundra/taiga line of northern Caledron, the Warrior had learned a few tricks to stay warm. Stay moving, for one. Eat a lot. Wear layers of clothes to trap warm air close… Read More »

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“These Thunderstones. You say they are repositories of ancient evil. And you have brought them here.” The Warrior felt sweat bead at the top of his back. He was not a cowardly man. He had killed a griffon barehanded, when… Read More »