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By Daniel Briscoe, November 2, 2012 Comments Off Module

Hey Thunderstone Fans! We’ve got another cool module for you guys this week – CoB2 – Old Home Week! You can find it here!

By Daniel Briscoe, October 26, 2012 Comments Off Module

Hey Thunderstone Fans, We’ve got another module for you this week! This is CoB1 – Bones to Pick! You can download it here!

By jquick, September 21, 2012 Comments Off Module

It’s module time again! This week we’re cranking up with Guard Duty, the module we sent out for pre-release play when Caverns of Bane debuted. We fixed up some typos and made it ready to play for the world at… Read More »

By jquick, July 20, 2012 Comments Off Module

What is up with those rangers? They don’t play nice in town, and then they act hard to get when other heroes are missing. It takes some work to find one, but they’re worth it in the end in the… Read More »

By jquick, June 29, 2012 Comments Off Module

Dragons and kobolds have a complicated relationship in Tala. No one thinks very highly of the lowly dragonlice, including the dragons. Greed and possessiveness however, extend beyond gold. When anyone else starts to pick on kobolds, the dragons take notice. Play… Read More »