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By Daniel Briscoe, August 15, 2012 Comments Off News

Hello AEG Fans! GenCon Indy 2012 is only a few days away, and we’ve got some awesome news for you all that you won’t want to miss! THE RELEASE OF SMASH UP! It’s finally here. The moment you’ve all been… Read More »

Designers Exci-TED about Thunderstone

By jquick, August 6, 2012 Comments Off News

If you are not familiar with TED, it’s this thing where smart people give short lectures on topics to each other. And they film it and put it on the Web and Netflix and stuff. TEDtalks not only make you… Read More »

Caverns of Bane On Sale Tomorrow!

By Daniel Briscoe, August 5, 2012 Comments Off News

For the last several weeks, we’ve been teasing cards and concepts behind Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane. Over the last two weekends, you might have even had a chance to play our special pre-release adventure. If you didn’t, that will… Read More »

Get Dad a Thunderstone for Father’s Day

By jquick, June 5, 2012 Comments Off News

That’s what Wired’s Geekdad thinks you should do! Among the dozen or so gift suggestions for Father’s Day, Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin was the only board game that made the cut. We’re thrilled to be in such good company… Read More »

Play Thunderstone on Your Computer

By jquick, June 1, 2012 Comments Off News

Word has been getting out on, Twitter, and Facebook (of all places). Thunderstone Online is here! AEG has teamed up with electronic partner Zabu Studio to bring you Thunderstone on Facebook. Log into your Facebook account and search for… Read More »