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Thunderstone Promos

By Todd Rowland, January 31, 2011 Comments Off Uncategorized

We now have a FREE Thunderstone promo pack for our fans! Just visit this page to request your set! Additional sets can be ordered via our online store. Thank you for playing Thunderstone!

By Todd Rowland, January 26, 2011 Comments Off Contest

Here’s your chance to win a FREE copy of Thunderstone: Dragonspire! Create the best Village set up you can think of, be it thematic, mechanical, etc. Using the usual 8 Village cards and 4 Heroes. Any cards currently available are… Read More »

By Todd Rowland, January 17, 2011 Comments Off Featured Posts

The Doomgate is open, and Doom has been released into the world! The forces of destruction stalk the lands, destroying all they touch. There is but one dim flicker of hope: the Thunderstones, scattered at the dawn of time. Two… Read More »

By Joe Fulgham, January 12, 2011 Comments Off Featured Posts

Hiding away in secret for centuries, the order of the Doomgate Legion have guarded the Stone of Avarice from friend and foe alike. Their cult-like existence known only to a few, the Legionnaires dedicate themselves to the secrecy, protection, and… Read More »

By Joe Fulgham, January 12, 2011 Comments Off Featured Posts

Thunderstone returns with all new monsters, heroes, equipment, and now… traps! Thunderstone brought dungeon crawling to the deck-building game genre, and Wrath of the Elements takes Thunderstone to a new level. With four new heroes, six new monsters, and many… Read More »