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By Daniel Briscoe, June 13, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Last Monday we showcased the Weapons of Tala, and gave you all a sneak peak into the connection with nature shared by the people of Tala. Today we continue our Weapons previews for Caverns of Bane with the Liveoak Staff!… Read More »

By Daniel Briscoe, June 11, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Thunderstone fans! Our Caverns of Bane previews continue this week with a look at the Weapons of Tala!

By Daniel Briscoe, June 6, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Following up with our Monday kick-off for Thunderstone: Caverns of Bane previews, we’ve got more Treasure cards for you! Check them out! Tell your friends! Look at the shineys! Note: We had a playtest version of Edgewalker’s Blade up before…. Read More »

Get Dad a Thunderstone for Father’s Day

By jquick, June 5, 2012 Comments Off News

That’s what Wired’s Geekdad thinks you should do! Among the dozen or so gift suggestions for Father’s Day, Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin was the only board game that made the cut. We’re thrilled to be in such good company… Read More »

By Daniel Briscoe, June 4, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Hey Thunderstone fans, We hope you’re as excited as we are, as the next installment of Thunderstone – Caverns of Bane is beginning its preview cycle! Today we’ve got a great look into a favorite from the classic Thunderstone games… Read More »