Behold the Sorcerer! Our friends at Gunship Revolution created a creepy yet familiar representation for this profession. Being a big fan of the old Excalibur film I (I being Erik) requested that our Sorcerer sport a chrome cowl like Merlin did in that movie. In terms of a totem IRead More →

Our Bard’s thematic totem is the drama mask. Within her art you can find not only the mask on her face, but on her knees, shoulder pads and even her lute. She is a bard of both dramatics, with a satchel of books, and music, carrying a hefty musical instrumentRead More →

Today we bring you the fighter profession from Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship. All of our characters are centered around a totem, or theme. This fighter’s totem is hammer and anvils. You may notice that his armor is inscribed with hammers and one of his hammers is topped with what looks likeRead More →

Guildhall’s other cards! Along with the Profession cards, Guildhall: Fantasy includes Reference cards and Victory Point cards. Guildhall uses a simple symbolic language, that when learned, allows for easy reference of abilities during play, leading to players making quicker play decisions. To assist players in learning these abilities and theRead More →

This June, July and August sees the re-release of Guildhall with Guildhall: Fantasy. In Guildhall to complete a chapter you need to have one of each color card in your chapter, i.e. a red, blue, green, purple, and yellow version of the profession. Completing chapters allows you to buy VPRead More →

Guildhall returns this Summer with Guildhall: Fantasy. The original Guildhall, released in 2013, was met with critical acclaim, winning Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game and the Fairplay À la carte award as well as being nominated for the Golden Geek Best Card Game and being Kennerspiel des Jahres RecommendedRead More →