Guildhall Fantasy Update #1

Guildhall returns this Summer with Guildhall: Fantasy. The original Guildhall, released in 2013, was met with critical acclaim, winning Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game and the Fairplay À la carte award as well as being nominated for the Golden Geek Best Card Game and being Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended in 2014. Guildhall, which was actually titled: Guildhall: Old World Economy, earned a sequel game: Guildhall: Job Faire, which played very much the same, was compatible and offered new card effects which could be played on their own or combined with the previous set to offer new play experiences. 

AEG felt that the original theme of Guildhall limited its audience. The art was of medieval peasants and merchant class people and while very well rendered, was not very evocative. AEG felt a game like Guildhall deserved better.

So when it came time to redo Guildhall, we went with some fantastic Fantasy themed art based on our favorite fantasy roleplaying games. So the professions are now themed around 18 character classes. In the coming weeks we will be looking at those.

We also mixed up the original sets, and added six cards to the card pool, allowing us to create three all new play experiences. Players that collect all three sets can recreate Job Faire and the award winning Old World Economy. Each release has two professions from Old World Economy, two professions from Job Faire and two all new professions. The first set Fellowship has the Victory Point deck from Old World Economy and Job Faire where the following sets have three new victory point cards to change up the experience a little bit.

Erik Yaple, the project lead on this reskin, felt that these three Guildhalls complemented each other and that the best  experiences came from having the cards for all three sets, making new play decks from all three and combining all of them into one big deck (more about that in the coming weeks), so he fought to release all three in three months. June, July, and August will each feature a different Guildhall release. Each is a different play experience,; each is a stand alone game of their own, and each expands the replay value of the others.

Pictured below is our Game Master. Some call him the Chapter Master, some call him the Guild Master, some call him the Tavern Master, and some days, Erik calls him Ted. The Game Master is your host through the game. He adorns each of the boxes and hosts the Victory Point card reference card/card divider as well as appear a few times in the rulebook.

GHF promo pics-19

Click this link to learn more about Guildhall Fantasy!

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