Guildhall Fantasy Update #2

This June, July and August sees the re-release of Guildhall with Guildhall: Fantasy.

In Guildhall to complete a chapter you need to have one of each color card in your chapter, i.e. a red, blue, green, purple, and yellow version of the profession. Completing chapters allows you to buy VP cards and accumulating VPs wins you the game! Thus, the card colors are very important in Guildhall. We redid the colored backgrounds for the art as different version of sky. The red is fire from the sky kind of thing; the yellow, a glowing sort of sunset; the blue is a bright blue sky; the purple is a night sky and the green was inspired by phenomenon like the Northern lights – that was the tricky one but my graphic designer A.J. Murray figured out our puzzle and knocked it out!

Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship releases this June; Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance, this July; and Guildhall Fantasy: Coalition comes out this August (and makes a great companion game to your Mystic Vale purchase).

Tell your local retailer that you want to buy all three versions of Guildhall: Fantasy this summer!

GHF promo pics-21a_small

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