Guildhall Fantasy Update #4

Today we bring you the fighter profession from Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship. All of our characters are centered around a totem, or theme. This fighter’s totem is hammer and anvils. You may notice that his armor is inscribed with hammers and one of his hammers is topped with what looks like an anvil. His numerous weapons convey his experience in arms and armor and specifically the weapon in his right hand may be Elven in nature and thus possibly magical. This is one fearsome fighter.

Within the game, the fighter, like all three of the warrior archetypes, attacks your opponent’s Guildhall, removing cards from their ranks. The Fighter does this very directly and bluntly. You may always play a fighter to remove a card from your opponent’s Guildhall and put it into the discard pile. When you have two or more fighters, you may discard two cards from your opponent’s Guildhall, but they must be from two different chapters; when you have four fighters in your Guildhall, you can discard any two cards from your opponent’s Guildhall, even if they are from the same chapter. The fighter is crucial to keeping your opponent in check and not allowing them to be overly reliant on one particular profession. Hammering on a player over and over again with fighters can pose a hefty challenge for a your opponent, but if you rely too heavily, you can find yourself falling behind the numbers game, so use your fighter tactically.

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