Guildhall Fantasy Update #5

Our Bard’s thematic totem is the drama mask. Within her art you can find not only the mask on her face, but on her knees, shoulder pads and even her lute. She is a bard of both dramatics, with a satchel of books, and music, carrying a hefty musical instrument with her. That thigh holster, loaded with daggers, suggest she not only carries an instrument, but is herself, an instrument of death!

The Bard, along with the Rogue and the Assassin, is of the acrobat archetype, which is a support role that can do any number of things to assist in your strategies. Her ability allows you to swap cards between the discard pile and your Guildhall. She may always be played to swap one card. When you have two Bards in your Guildhall, she may be played to swap two cards from your Guildhall and the discard pile. This is a great ability for replenishing  a depleted chapter or quickly building up a chapter you might want to play for a bigger effect or one that you want to complete. When you have four Bards in your Guildhall, you can swap a chapter for three cards in the discard pile. Trading in a chapter sounds brutal on first blush, but if you are trading in a chapter with only one or two cards,  and pulling three from the discard pile, you are coming out ahead in the numbers game!

If no one seeds the discard pile early in the game with cards discarded from their initial draws, the Bard can take a while to be useful. When combo-ed with the Fighter or other similar professions, you can quickly find yourself trading in cards you have in abundance (between your hand and Guildhall) and reaping cards from your opponent’s Guildhall as your Fighter sends them to the discard pile and the Bard trades in cards to retrieve those freshly discarded cards. The Bard really shines when you trade in a completed chapter for a Victory Point cards and then use the Bard to retrieve a few of the cards you just sent to the discard pile.

Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship goes on sale this June!

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