Guildhall Fantasy Update #6

Behold the Sorcerer! Our friends at Gunship Revolution created a creepy yet familiar representation for this profession. Being a big fan of the old Excalibur film I (I being Erik) requested that our Sorcerer sport a chrome cowl like Merlin did in that movie. In terms of a totem I had Gunship Revolution work in a centipede theme and you can see a few of the creepy crawlers moving about our Sorcerer’s body and in the stitching of his clothing. We gave a him a crystal skull to channel his power into, because crystal skulls will always be cool, no matter what.

The Sorcerer requires at least one Sorcerer to already be in your Guildhall for him to start paying dividends for you. This means that when you seed your Guildhall at the beginning of the game, making sure a Sorcerer is in those initial professions played can save you a later turn of playing the Sorcerer with no effect. When you have one or more Sorcerers in your Guildhall, you may return any one cards from your Guildhall to your hand and then play an additional action. This makes the Sorcerer a key support profession for creating reoccurring effects with your other professions. Being able to recycle your Fighters, especially when that Guild has been leveled up can be devastating, or recycling Rangers for extra victory points, or even Druids for additional card draw can make a strategy for you as you pull the specific card back to your hand and play it again. Replaying Monks and Bards is key to countering an onslaught of Fighter effects that may be pounding you! This prevents you from completing the recycled Guild, leaving it leveled up, and grants you the extra effects: a small price to pay for a tide of high level effects.  This is one the best starting effects that you may choose to play even when the Guild is leveled and you could choose the level 3 ability instead.

However, when you have three or more Sorcerers in your Guildhall, instead of taking professions from your own Guildhall, you can steal them from an opponent’s Guildhall, put them in your hand and then with your additional action, choose to play that profession, or not. You may choose to not play the profession in order to just steal them from your opponent. The Sorcerer allows you many tactical choices within the game.

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