Brace yourselves, Alliance is coming! And with Alliance, comes new ways to play Guildhall: Fantasy. Not only can you swap out specific characters in the play decks or VP deck between the two sets, you can also shuffle everything together and play a MEGA SAGA!!! The original Guildhalls, Old WorldRead More →

The Guildmaster’s favorite combos! A lot of the cards interact really well in Guildhall. One of the best cards for comboing with others has got to be the Sorcerer with his recursion abilities (as we discussed before). When combined with the Druid, this can provide a steady stream of cardsRead More →

Before Guildhall Fantasy’s three sets went to press, we had originally planned on printing a demo deck compromised of cards from all three sets of Guildhall containing the Fighter, Druid, Wizard (from Alliance) and Rogue (from Coalition). The deck was 60 cards (because a 60 card deck is rather easyRead More →

Erik loves this piece. The dead eye that grants him greater insight harkens to the Odin myth and his overall strength and physique is reminiscent of a certain video game character who was really into yoga. Our Monk has an air totem. He is covered in swirly air marks sorta-kindaRead More →

Erik says that he was never able to get a character with a bullwhip to actually “work out” for him in D&D, but by Joe, as a tribute to one of the greatest geek movies that ever was, he was determined that there would be a bullwhip in this gameRead More →

The Ranger! This is the first piece that Erik commissioned from Gunship Revolution for Guildhall. We chose a theme of falcons for our ranger and Gunship knocked it out of the park! Within his armor you can see leather plates that look like feathers; his boots have a slight talonRead More →