Guildhall Fantasy Update #7

The Ranger! This is the first piece that Erik commissioned from Gunship Revolution for Guildhall. We chose a theme of falcons for our ranger and Gunship knocked it out of the park! Within his armor you can see leather plates that look like feathers; his boots have a slight talon look to the toes; his sword’s hand-guard sports a pair of falcon’s wings and his cowl is the face of a falcon. Like all good rangers he has added archery and axe handling to his list of proficiencies and has many tactical packs holding all sorts of utility items on his belts.

The Ranger can win you the game and steal victory from your opponents. As a leader (denoted by his twin flag symbol) he generates victory points for you. When you play a Ranger you may gain a number of victory points equal to the number of Rangers you already have in your Guildhall and then give away one card from your Guildhall and place it in an opponent’s Guildhall  You have to do the latter if you do the former, so when you have no Rangers in your Guildhall, unless you are looking to complete an opponent’s chapter to shut off a reoccurring high level ability, you are best not choosing to play the ability. Because you need at least one Ranger to gain any benefit from the ability, it’s best to seed a Ranger into your starting Guildhall if you can at the beginning of the game. While you will most likely still need to collect a few VP cards to achieve victory, the Ranger is great for jumping off to a quick start in the VP race or snatching those last few VPs for your own win on the turn before you opponent grabs the last 5 point VP card and wins the game. Additionally, using a Ranger at least a few times a game means you can choose VP cards with fewer VPs and better abilities without falling behind the curve of completed chapters to victory point cards.

Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship releases June 2016! Tell your local retailer that you want it!

 GHF promo pics5

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