Erik says that he was never able to get a character with a bullwhip to actually “work out” for him in D&D, but by Joe, as a tribute to one of the greatest geek movies that ever was, he was determined that there would be a bullwhip in this game (that movie by the way, was Batman Returns). Instead of going the route of the tired hermetic old man Druid, we looked to have a young adventuring Druid with clean hair. Centered round a concept of arctic foxes, you can see bits of fox fur worked into our Druid’s clothing as well as symbol on her tabard and an arctic fox animal companion at her feet.

 Who doesn’t love card draw. If the early days of CCGs taught game designers anything, it is that gamers love card draw! In Guildhall you can spend one of your actions to draw 5 cards from the deck. The Druid allows you to play a Druid and then draw 3 cards from your deck while making progress towards completing a chapter. When coupled with a Sorcerer you can return a Druid to your hand and play her with a free action in order to get three free cards out of the turn. This helps keep your turns running smoothly without wasting actions digging for much needed  cards.

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