Guildhall Fantasy Update #9

Erik loves this piece. The dead eye that grants him greater insight harkens to the Odin myth and his overall strength and physique is reminiscent of a certain video game character who was really into yoga. Our Monk has an air totem. He is covered in swirly air marks sorta-kinda based on Van Gough’s Starry Night but more stylized (across all three sets of Guildhall Fantasy the four elements will be represented). You can see by the magic rings on his fist that this Monk packs a powerful punch!

The Monk helps you put cards straight from your hand into your Guildhall and recycle cards in your Guildhall. When played you can always put one card from you hand into your Guildhall, but you do not get the effects from the card placed into the Guildhall. This is great for seeding a chapter like the Ranger or Druid who require you to have at least one copy already in your Guildhall to get any benefits from their card. When you have 2 copies in your Guildhall you get to place two into your Guildhall and take one card in your Guildhall back to your hand. This can allow you to recycle a Druid or Ranger or some other effect you might want to keep playing without completing the chapter. At 4 copies of a Monk in your Guildhall, you get to put any number of cards from your hand into your Guildhall and then take two cards from your Guildhall and place them back into you hand. As you can imagine, that last ability can be a game winner!

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