Guildhall Fantasy Update #10

Before Guildhall Fantasy’s three sets went to press, we had originally planned on printing a demo deck compromised of cards from all three sets of Guildhall containing the Fighter, Druid, Wizard (from Alliance) and Rogue (from Coalition). The deck was 60 cards (because a 60 card deck is rather easy to print) which was comprised of 3 copies of each color of the four professions. A rulesheet would instruct players to play to 3 completed chapters, instead of buying victory point cards (which were not included). The plan for the demo deck was not solvent, so that idea was shelved. However, the demo deck was a great example of mixing cards from different sets, and even removing cards from decks to create a different play experience, in this case a faster and more accessible play experience.

An early incarnation of that demo deck only contained cards from Fellowship and was comprised of: The Fighter, Druid, Monk, and Bard.  Reducing the profession deck down to those four professions makes for a streamlined experience that makes for a great introduction for new players. The game moves faster and fewer cards means there is less to learn for the newbie. You can even reduce the Victory Point deck as well (leaving the 4s that grant an extra action and draw cards, the 5’s and the 9’s) or just play to a given number of completed chapters.

Experimenting with the play deck’s contents is one of the better elements of Guildhall Fantasy and we will be talking more about how to mix stuff up in future posts once Alliance is released to accompany Fellowship.


demo deck


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