Guildhall Fantasy Update #11

The Guildmaster’s favorite combos!

A lot of the cards interact really well in Guildhall. One of the best cards for comboing with others has got to be the Sorcerer with his recursion abilities (as we discussed before). When combined with the Druid, this can provide a steady stream of cards into your hand, in fact more than you can really play in a turn. And if you do things right you can pull this off turn after turn. But cards in your hand, while they give you options of what to play, and while the Sorcerer allows you to pull a profession card back and use it, you are not really pulling ahead towards the victory condition. But, if you are lucky enough to trade in one of your completed chapters and buy that 3 point Victory Point card that allows you to play any number of cards from your hand directly into your Guildhall, you can see yourself completing chapter after chapter in the one awesome turn, which can diminish a hefty lead held by your opponents and allow you to catch up rather quickly. Before you pull off this monster feat of awesomeness, you want to make sure you are not sitting on any completed chapters, as you don’t want to waste any of your opportunities to complete all three that you can store, and you may want to buy that 3 point VP card as your first action so you can pick up a 7 or 9 point VP cards, which cost 2 completed chapters each with your second action. This move tends to come late game and things can be down to the wire at that time.

 Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship releases this week! Stores should be getting it today or tomorrow or maybe later in the week depending on when their orders are shipped. Stop by your favorite brick and mortar store and tell them you want a copy of Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship today and if they are out, tell them to reorder it!


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