Guildhall Fantasy Update #12

Brace yourselves, Alliance is coming!

And with Alliance, comes new ways to play Guildhall: Fantasy. Not only can you swap out specific characters in the play decks or VP deck between the two sets, you can also shuffle everything together and play a MEGA SAGA!!!

The original Guildhalls, Old World Economy and Job Faire featured unique symbols at the upper left of the card for each Profession. These just allowed for further card identification in addition to the title (for people who cannot read I guess). Job Faire’s rulebook talked about combining sets, swapping cards and adding additional Professions. The problem with adding additional Professions is it slows the game down by matter of math and statistical stuff that is best left for college professors to explain (you only get two actions and card draw remains the same and now you have diluted the pile, so things get harder when you play with 7, 8 or 9 unique Professions with their own chapters). When redesigning Guildhall for the reboot, Erik had the idea to group the Professions (or character classes) by their roles within the party and some of those roles were given some loose design guidelines. This also allowed players to group like-Professions together when combining sets, so that the number of chapters would not rise by adding in additional cards. And thus the MEGA SAGA!!! format was born, and the Zinser saw this and thought it was good.

Leaders (Ranger, Marshall, Paladin) provide victory points. Warriors (Fighter, Spellblade, Barbarian) remove cards from your opponent’s Guildhall. Priests (Druids, Shamans, Clerics) draw you cards. Mages (Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks) put cards into your in tricky ways (though the sorcerer deviates from that a tad). Acrobats (Bard, Assassin, Rogue) generally take stuff from your opponent (but the Bard being a teller of stories deviates a bit from this). Mystics (Monk, Psion, Artificer) are a support/catch-all class where everything else went. When playing a MEGA SAGA!!!, each one of the Archetypes can be played as one another into your Guildhall. So if you play a Bard and you have 2 Assassins and one Bard in your Acrobat’s Chapter, you are considered to have 3 Bards for purposes of playing that Bard (and if you were playing an Assassin, you would be considered to have 3 Assassins for the purposes of playing that Assassin. If you have 2 Fighters in your Warrior chapter, and you want to play a Spellblade, you are considered to have 2 Spellblades in play and may use the second ability when playing the Spellblade. Though it should be noted this symbol is really only for MEGA SAGA!!! play. If you want to play a game with a custom deck comprised of 2 Warriors, 2 Priests, 1 Acrobat and 1 leader, those like Archetypes should be played as unique Professions and not combined; though it is your game and you are free to do whatever you want.

Combining two or three sets to play a MEGA SAGA!!!, opens up all sorts of play opportunities and combos you would not otherwise see, but without dragging the game down. And combining the Victory Point card decks is the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae of awesomeness. We are really excited for players to begin playing this format. However, you should save those MEGA SAGA!!! games until after you and your gaming group has played a few games of the basic sets as taking in 12 Professions and learning them all at once can be a challenge.

Mega Saga

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