Guildhall Fantasy Update #13

The Marshall

 The Marshall is tactical genius, a master of the battlefield and his specialties lie not in swinging his halberd, but in commanding his troops and companions in coordinated efforts to overcome their foes. The Marshall originally appeared in the original Guildhall: Old World Economy, as the Farmer. In Guildhall: Fantasy those professions of the Leader Archetype produce victory point tokens. The Marshall is the most straight-forward, no-complications, just-give-me-the-victory-points one of these characters. Where the Ranger requires a sacrifice to generate his points and the Paladin is…interesting, the Marshall just produces VPs, over and over again. When paired with the Assassin, you can sacrifice those 4th Marshalls in order to keep producing 2 tokens a play. Those can victory point tokens can add up, potentially leaving you with the need to only require one or two victory point cards to win. Because the Marshall requires another Marshall in play to use his ability, it’s a good idea to start with a Marshall in play at the start of the game.

The art of the Marshall is based around stallions. His Halberd and tabard contain images of the stallion, possibly pointing to a more noble linage. His armor reflects that of the roman legionnaires, with its layered armor, red coloring and adornments, but of course this armor bring across a high fantasy feel that comes with Guildhall Fantasy. He is a man of battle, as shown by his grizzled expression, lost eye, and fit stature. Ironic that the character with the missing eye provides the keenest insight into battle. Hmmmmmmm…..

Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance goes on sale this month and Guildhall Fantasy’s initial release: Fellowship is on sale now! Go to your local game store and tell your friendly retailer that you want Guildhall Fantasy, and when they ask which one, tell them: “ALL OF THEM!”

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