Guildhall Fantasy Update #14

The Assassin

With the Assassin, Erik wanted an someone that could kill you with a kiss from a thousand feet away. Our Assassin is adorned with various weapons that she can use to fulfill her mission. From the long-range crossbow and quiver full of bolts, to her multitude of daggers, she is geared to end the fight before it starts. Her totem is a set of scales. Throughout her image you can see images of scales, the scales that her kills seek to balance perhaps, or maybe the scales that weigh the value of the lives she is paid to take? No doubt our Assassin is the deadliest of the party.

The Assassin collects a fee, infiltrates the opponent’s stronghold and takes out the opposition before they ever had a chance. So when played, you draw 1 card (the fee), then you move 1 card from your guildhall (the disguise) into your opponent’s hand (their stronghold) and you discard 2 cards from their hand, either random at the lower level, or chosen at the higher level (the assassination). She comes with a hefty price but the ability to disrupt your opponent’s plans by taking cards out of their hand can buy you a few of those critical turns you may need to take the lead from a run away opponent. And if you are combining sets, throwing an Assassin into a deck with a Sorcerer provides a great way to shut down those recursion strategies!

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