Guildhall Fantasy Update #15

The Shaman

Everybody loves card draw! Originally appearing in Job Faire the Shaman brings some card draw to Alliance. When compared to the Druid, the Shaman actually allows for more draw but at the cost of having to return some cards back to the top of the deck. This allows you to take three new cards into you hand at the lowest level and then return the worst card in all of your hand to the deck (even a card you may have had before drawing the cards) for someone else to draw (or draw 5 and return 2, or draw 7 and return 3 at the higher levels). One of the hang ups regarding the Shaman comes when you are the only one playing Shamans and you start drawing into you own disregarded cards. However, when multiple people are drawing cards with Shamans this allows you to have some control over what your opponent draws into. Pro Tip: when you draw into a card that your opponent has placed on top, unless you really need it, put it back and force them to draw into again, as they probably did not need the card!

The Shaman’s art is that of the dirty nomadic priest that is one with nature. Based around the idea of air (I believe I may have misstated the Monk in an earlier post as air when he was water) and he we see the Starry Skies like swirls, even in his staff and adornments of feathers. In fact our Shaman even has a cloak made of feathers, which probably does not smell nice. His accessories and armor are primitive in nature and his hair hygiene suggests someone that spends a lot of time in the wilderness and away from the comforts of inns and homes.

Guildhall Alliance releases this month and Guildhall Fellowship is available right now. Tell your local gaming retailers that you want a copy of each!

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