Guildhall Fantasy Update #16

The Wizard

The Wizard is one of the pieces of art that we are most proud of for Guildhall Fantasy. In general, everyone does wizards as old men, based on Gandalf in one way or another, or they do them as young women, carrying cheesecake or young men carrying beefcake. With this piece we wanted a female that held a motherly-wisdom quality, without looking like an aged witch from a fairytale. We wanted a wizard that could lead a party through rough situations, not through brawl, but through the strength of her resolve. I think we got it. Her totem is fire, she has delicate jewelry and embroideries that look like dancing flames. She holds fireballs at the ready, locked and loaded, ready to FIRE! She is the party member that can burn the town to the ground if she needs to.

The wizard plays a lot like the Bard in some ways in that she allows you to take cards from the discard pile. Normally, you don’t really need to mind the order of the discard pile, but when using the Wizard in a game you do, as she allows you to take the top card of the discard pile and put it into play. So because not to give someone an undue advantage by messing up the order of the discard pile! At the second and third levels she allows you to dig through the discard pile and select cards of your choice to put in your discard pile. She is great for wrapping up a chapter especially after a chapter has been turned in by another player for a VP card…

Guildhall Fantasy Alliance goes on sale this month, where Guildhall Fantasy Fellowship is already on sale. You best be getting on down to your local game store and getting a copy before limited supplies are sold through!

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