Guildhall Fantasy Update #17

The Spellblade

The as a Ranger is to a Druid, or a Paladin is a to Cleric, the Spellblade is to the Wizard/Sorcerer.  The Spellblade fulfills a Warrior slot for Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance, and is a young man of massive potential. The Star burst is the chosen totem of the Spellblade. On his armor, his book and sword, and other places you can see his chosen symbol of choice. Our Spellblade is well armored but also adorns robes and other garments of a magical nature.

In play, being of the Warrior archetype, the Spellblade takes stuff out of your opponent’s Guildhall but having a touch of the arcane arts in him he puts those cards in your hand. Now, magic has a price, so you must give up cards in your hand to your opponent’s Guildhall to use this ability. This allows you to clear out duplicate cards and obtain more useful cards to play while hampering your opponent’s more built up chapters. At the higher level the Spellblade can trade 2 for 2, but at the highest level he can trade 2 cards for an entire chapter! That can really turn the tide if you play things right!

Guildhall Fantasy has one set already on sale, Fellowship and another, Alliance coming before the end of the month. Do yourself a favor and buy Fellowship now so you can pick up Alliance at the end of the month and then all you have to do is get Coalition in August to wrap up the set. The games are affordably priced to match your budget at $28 USD each!

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Click this link to learn more about Guildhall Fantasy!

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