Guildhall Fantasy Update #18

The Psion

The Psion is a lot of fun to use in game. The Psion allows you to take a number of cards equal to the number of Psions you have in play from one of your opponent’s chapters and put those cards in your Guildhall and then put the same number of cards from the deck into your opponent’s Guildhall. Early game this means that your Psion is swapping out one chapter for a random mess of stuff, but later game when players have more and more stuff on the table, this means you are taking big chunks of another players chapter and some of those replacement cards that duplicate other cards in their Guildhall. This provides some nice tactical advantages that you can probably see.

Visually, the Psion is our long tall brooding goth kid. He has chosen the raven as his totem, obviously because Poe was his favorite author in high school. Posed with the Professor X finger on the temple, you can tell this guy is out to mess with your mind and make you forget who you are.

Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship is on sale now and I am just going to assume given all my begging and calls to action you have already purchased it because you are a good person. Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance, which is a complete stand alone game of its own, goes on sale this month and makes a great companion Fellowship. The more Guildhall you own, the more you can mix together and the better time you have!

GHF promo pics10

Click this link to learn more about Guildhall Fantasy!

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