I don’t know about you but whenever I ran RPG campaigns I always made spiders bigger and badder than those in the books.  That is the case with our spiders in Thunderstone Quest.  Not only are they tough to kill they give you festering wounds which as the name implies are NOT GOOD. You’ll learn more about those soon.

The other monster groups are not just garden variety either,  Sure we have your goblins and your ogres but we also have some very unique challenges.  The undead adventuring party is a group of unlucky Thunderstone adventurers whose quest… came to an end.  Our Undead Rogue is not only hard to kill, but even in undeath he steals your stuff!  Wait till you meet his friends.


We are shooting our Kickstarter Video this Monday.  We are excited and happy to announce that Becca Scott Kerns will once again be gracing us with her skills and gaming knowledge as the co star for our video (the other star is the game of course). She likes to say she is the worst but we think she is the best.  

Check out her work on our Mystic Vale – Official Learn to Play Video!

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John Zinser & The Thunderstone Quest Team

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