Meet the Heroes! There are four classes of hero in the Thunderstone Quest. You will always have access to at least one hero of each of these classes in the Village. FIGHTERS Fighters have the the best skill to work with weapons overall. This is particularly helpful, as heroes canRead More →

By Brett Satkowiak “Open the gates!” the call went out. What passed through them afterward shook the peace of Thunderstone Keep. His clothing gave him away as a merchant and a wealthy one at that, but he looked as if he’d just come home from the battlefront. One leg wasRead More →

Shout out and thanks to our star: Becca Scott Kerns, our director: Joseph Ruzer, and our sound technician: Greg Jones, who shot the Kick Starter Video at the AEG offices.    Here are some pics of the shoot.   My wife Julie and I had the important role of Craft Services meaningRead More →