The Bandits of Blackrock

By Brett Satkowiak

“Open the gates!” the call went out. What passed through them afterward shook the peace of Thunderstone Keep. His clothing gave him away as a merchant and a wealthy one at that, but he looked as if he’d just come home from the battlefront. One leg was visibly broken, the fabric around it torn and shredded. His shirt was stained red with two long slashes exposing deep bruises underneath. His hair and beard were matted with dried blood from a wound behind his temple. A number of women gasped and various men began to murmur their concern as two guards carried the broken man from the portcullis to a low wall near the gate.

The Bandits of Blackrock was a pre-Kickstarter promotion. Subscribers to the Thunderstone Quest mailing list received the rest of the story. Follow this link to sign up today!

John Zinser & The Thunderstone Quest Team

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