Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Two We Are Gamers

Thunderstone Backers,

Wow BIG First Day!!! Thank You!

We were sure that Thunderstone Quest would be well received but you never really know until you launch. We were massively impressed with your first-day support and we are way ahead of our optimistic projection for the campaign. Again, thank you.

Now the campaign becomes all about stretch goals, upgrades and bonus items!


The dice in the Reward graphics are not representative of our plans for the dice in this game. We are gamers. We love cool dice. We are going to be working on making the Thunderstone dice cool.


We hit the Stretch Goal to upgrade the cardboard tokens to wood tokens. The example tokens in the Reward graphics are just placeholders and don’t represent the way the final tokens will look at all. They will be awesome.

My Yellow Meeple

Let’s talk about my yellow Meeple.

For 9 months I have been playtesting with my buddy the Yellow Meeple. Now, yellow is not my favorite color plus he gets picked the least by our playtesters, but even so I adopted him for office playtest sessions. If I can win with yellow, I can beat anyone!

The heroic figures (i.e. my Yellow Meeple) represent the location of your party. You’ll move your figure to show that you’re in the Village or the Wilderness or the Dungeon, and which room of the Dungeon you are in.

But I will miss my yellow Meeple because his days are numbered.

A Sneak Peek

We are closing in on a major Stretch Goal and we wanted to let everyone know a bit in advance. Meeples will be upgraded to really cool plastic figures.

We are incredibly excited that your support will enable us to bring these figures into the Rewards. We are working with awesome sculptors and artists to create a fantastic selection of high-energy action-posed figures for use as your playing piece for your Thunderstone Quest adventures.

Of course we can’t spoil the whole surprise so we’re going to give you just a taste of the figures that are coming soon to Thunderstone Quest. After the Stretch Goal is unlocked we’ll be writing a lot more about these figures.

Sometimes Just for Old Time’s Sake

Don’t be surprised if we meet at a show and are playing Thunderstone Quest and I pull out my yellow Meeple. I’m old school and it’s been fun making this game with my Meeple buddies and well, you know, Yellow does pretty well against the competition.

Now go spread the word and let’s get those figures unlocked today!

— John Zinser

CEO, Alderac Entertainment Group

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