Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Three Information About Heroes

An Amazing Second Day

We blew through our Stretch Goal plans for the second day of the campaign as we continue to exceed our projections. Thank you all so much for supporting Thunderstone Quest. Because of the level of support we’ve received we are busy planning out even more potential Stretch Goals and product upgrades.

The Miniatures Are In!

Early this morning your pledges unlocked the Plastic Figure Stretch Goal. The Meeples (may they rest in peace) have been replaced. We will have more information about the Plastic Figures in future updates.

We’ve seen backers starting to talk about what it would take to save John’s Yellow Meeple. We actually can’t find the little guy – he may have gone out on his own Quest for reasons unknown. If you see him, let us know what he’s been up to.

Heroes And Stretch Goals

We have been getting some questions about the Heroes, and the Heroes in the stretch goals, and what the unlocked Heroes are.

The game comes with 24 copies of the starting Hero, 6 copies of the starting Hero for up to 4 players. This is the Hero that begins play in your deck.

Each Quest has 6 additional Heroes. Each Hero comes with 14 copies: eight Level 1 Heroes, four Level 2 Heroes, and two Level 3 Heroes.

In Thunderstone Quest the Village is set up with one Hero from each class, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue and Wizard. So you have four heroes available in each game. You will decide before you start play which 4 of the 6 you want to use in that game.

Some (or all) of your starter Heroes need to be upgraded in play in order to make your deck capable of taking on many of the threats in the Dungeon so you will be looking to upgrade the starting Heroes in your deck from the Heroes in the Village.

Each Quest has 3 scenarios that use different combinations of Heroes (and Support cards in the Village and different Monsters). The Quests tell the story of the game. Each Quest has a story in the story booklet that explains the plot and provides lists of cards for each scenario.

Of course you can use the Heroes in random village set ups by creating your own Scenarios using all the cards you own!

In the Adventurer Reward you’ll get 1 starting Hero, 6 Heroes from A Mirror in the Dark, +1 Hero from the Bandits of Blackrock prologue, and all the Heroes unlocked via Stretch Goals. As of the start of Day Three that is currently +4 Stretch Goal Heroes. So as of the publication of this Update you would have 11 total Heroes for the Village (made up from four different classes) plus the starting Hero.

Already the Adventurer Reward has the equivalent number of Heroes as a base set of previous editions of Thunderstone. And it’s just going to keep getting better!

In the Champion Reward you’ll get all that plus 12 more Heroes: 6 from Risen from the Mire and 6 from At The Foundations of the World.

Let me give you an example of the heroes that might come in a Quest:

  • A Fighter that can equip multiple weapons
  • A Cleric that buffs your other heroes as well as looking after your wounds
  • A Wizard that works well with spells, but much better with a subset of spells
  • A Rogue that is very effective with the equipment tokens
  • A bruiser Fighter that gets you the weapon you need if you are short of one
  • A multi-class Wizard Rogue, that lets you do things in the village and the dungeon on the same turn

So far the Stretch Goals (as of Day Three) have unlocked:

  • A cleric that is a more specialist healer and can turn wounds into card draw at the highest level
  • A rogue that is a weapon specialist
  • A fighter that is better against higher level monsters
  • A wizard that increases certain attack values and gives them magic attack

Each class of hero tends to bring a slightly different element to the table. Clerics usually interact with wounds to some extent, Wizards with spells and magic attacks values, Rogues will often interact with the “table” in some way (light, gold values, and so on) and Fighters tend to be best with weapons overall and have the best physical attack.

We’ll be providing lots more insight into the rules of the game, components, strategies, and story in future Updates.

— Mark Wootton

Thunderstone Quest Project Lead

(All art & design elements are not finalized and are subject to change.)

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