Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Nine Behind the Scenes with Hero Development

Behind the Scenes with Hero Development

Our current stretch goal is one of our more colorful heroes and we thought it would be a good time to talk about character development in Thunderstone Quest.

There is a running in joke in the game industry: Everyone wants to tell you about their character but nobody wants to listen to anyone talk about a character. The kernel of truth in the joke is that usually there’s something interesting and fun about how every character evolves and comes alive, but sometimes it is hard to explain without a lot of backstory and exposition.

There is a lot of hard work, effort, and joy that go into creating and building up a character both when gamers make them and when publishers make them. Let us tell you about some of our characters!

When we sat down to start the world building process for Thunderstone Quest we decided that we wanted our heroes to reflect a wide and diverse world. Don’t worry: if you are looking for powerful Dwarf warriors, heroic Paladins, or clever Elves we have them, but we are also making heroes with non-traditional archetypes.

Here are some of the unique heroes you will have the chance to draft and build decks around in Thunderstone Quest

A Triton Cleric.

This half Orc Wizard is literally prepared for anything

What could be better than a Cleric sent directly from the Heavens?

And my personal favorite an undead warrior returned to avenge his own death!

As the campaign progresses you’ll learn more about the heroes of Thunderstone Quest and their backstory. We promise not to bore you with tales of their exploits!

— John Zinser

CEO, Alderac Entertainment Group

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